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What is Direct Cremation?

Perhaps the most selfless act you can do for your loved ones is to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and burial plans. It’s a thoughtful way to ease the burden of your passing for those closest to you, while also guaranteeing you will have the service you would have wanted. Whether you are planning for the immediate future or a much later[...]


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How to Choose a Mausoleum

When you think about a funeral, you’re likely picturing a more traditional ground burial or cremation ceremony. While these are tried and true options for after-life services, another option has been gaining popularity: mausoleums. This burial option is a particular favorite for those who aren’t too keen on being buried or cremated, as it[...]


How to Write a Death Notice

If a close friend or family member of yours has recently passed away, you are likely beginning the difficult process of funeral planning and adjusting to your new normal without them. In the midst of working through your grief, you’re expected to fulfill certain obligations, including writing a death notice (also known as a death[...]


Overcoming Grief: 4 Strategies for Coping with Loss

At Hollywood Forever, our mission is to help friends and family celebrate the unique lives of their loved ones while guiding them through their time of loss. Our compassionate and dedicated funeral home and cemetery staff has extensive experience helping those in our care navigate this challenging period, and we recognize that coping with grief[...]