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Can I Sell My Burial Plot?

Many people purchase a burial plot in advance for peace of mind. However, sometimes circumstances change, and they may no longer need it. They might move away from the area or choose another burial arrangement. 

This blog article walks you through the different options to sell a burial[...]


Can I Sell My Burial Plot

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The history of the coffin

The History of the Coffin

Although death is a universal experience, the customs and traditions related to it are not. Still, one object has been commonly associated with death and burial across various cultures for thousands of years: the coffin. 

The coffin, in one form or another, has been used throughout history to transport and preserve the deceased. Let’s[...]


The symbolism behind military funerals

The Symbolism Behind Military Funerals

A military funeral is a time-honored tradition intended to pay tribute to fallen service members and veterans who served their country faithfully and honorably. Every aspect of a military funeral is carefully choreographed and steeped in deep symbolism. These symbols honor the deceased’s courage, commitment, and[...]


Do I Need to Have a Funeral or Memorial Service

Do I Need to Have a Funeral or Memorial Service?

Funerals allow friends and family members to say their final goodbyes and celebrate the life of their loved ones. They can also mark the beginning of the healing process. 

But, importantly, are funerals a legal[...]


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Unique Burial Rituals From Around the World

You may think all funerals are the same. People gather to support each other during a difficult time, listen to meaningful words delivered by those in attendance, and perform the funeral rites for the deceased.

While this is true for some religions and cultures, several other groups around the world have unique funeral rituals.[...]


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Rules About Photographs At A Funeral

While a funeral can be an incredibly somber occasion, it brings people together and allows them to mourn their loss and reminisce about loved ones.

Some families often choose to photograph the funeral proceedings. They could do this as a way to honor their loved ones. If you happen to be arranging a funeral, it is important to follow a[...]


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How Many Burial Plots Can I Buy?

As we grow older, we have to plan for things that many of us don’t like to ponder on a day to day basis. End-of-life accommodations can be among these considerations. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, planning in advance of need can often save you money, time and stress.

This is why you’ll want to consider buying burial plots ahead[...]


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What Type of Music should you play at a Funeral Service?

Your loved ones deserve the most meaningful farewell possible, and music plays a key role at any funeral. Even though we may often associate music with joyfulness and festivities, the right music can personalize any service and make it a memorable occasion.

The question is, what kind of music should you play? 

There’s no strict[...]


Hollywood Forever How to Invite People to a Funeral

How to Invite People to a Funeral

Planning a funeral service can be difficult. You may be processing the grief of losing a loved one. Arranging an event to commemorate the departed’s life may be essential, but can also be draining.

Working out who you should invite and how to invite them can be one of the more important parts of making funeral arrangements. In this[...]


Hollywood Forever Tips on How to Contact Loved Ones After Someone Has Passed

Tips on How to Contact Loved Ones After Someone Has Passed

The passing of a loved one often marks the beginning of a difficult period for those who knew the dearly departed. Though it can be important to process your own grief during this period, you may also need to share the news with others. While this may feel overwhelming, these useful tips will help you when funeral planning and contacting people[...]


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