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Premium Memorialization and Funeral Services

Hollywood Forever is renowned as the premier cemetery in Los Angeles. Our premium memorialization and funeral services celebrate artistic and creative expression, inviting an opportunity to uniquely honor the life lived with unprecedented grace and dignity. Over the years, our grounds have become a walking museum of film and civic history, recorded in bronze and etched in stone. At Hollywood Forever, we believe every life lived is unique and deserves an equally special memorial and monument.


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Private Family Mausoleum - Pyramid - Hollywood Forever

Private Family Mausoleum

Exclusively for an individual, couple, or family, Hollywood Forever’s private mausoleum program begins with the selection of an architect. If you have your own preference, we can provide your selected firm with the dimensions and standards required. Following this, our dedicated team will source the necessary granite and marble using long-standing international relationships with stone suppliers from Italy and India to guarantee your access to the finest materials in the world.  Our in-house construction and masonry teams will then realize your vision on-site.

Private Family Mausoleums range from $50,000 to $3,500,000+

Sylvan Lake Peninsulas - Hollywood Forever

Sylvan Lake Peninsulas

These three beautiful Peninsulas on historic Sylvan Lake are the most premium spaces currently available at Hollywood Forever.  Located in the Garden of Legends with views of the Hollywood sign and hills in the distance, each half-circle Peninsula can be developed as a place for memorial statuary, sarcophagi, a private cremation estate for a family for many generations, or simply a burial space for those who deserve the best.

Read More about Sylvan Lake Peninsulas here.

Each Peninsula can accommodate up to 4 double-depth burials or 24 cremation inurnments and is priced at $3,850,000

Johnny Ramone Bronze Statue - Hollywood Forever

Bronze Statuary in the Garden of Legends

Beginning with the unveiling of the iconic bronze statue of rock legend Johnny Ramone, the Garden of Legends features a revival of the ancient arts of memorial statuary. No memorial can quite match a life-size bronze statue’s power to evoke and immortalize the essence of an individual. We have relationships with many of the finest sculptors in the world and can help you select one best suited to your needs.

Statuary begins at $95,000

In House Monument and Masonry - Douglas Fairbanks Memorial - Hollywood Forever

In-House Monument and Masonry Work for Custom Projects

Unlike many flat marker lawn park cemeteries in Southern California, Hollywood Forever is renowned for its unique and ever-growing landscape of upright granite, marble, and bronze monuments and statuary. Our in-house monument and masonry crew has worked in the craft for generations and maintains a skill set and artistry that few others can match. At Hollywood Forever, every monument is custom made to your design.

Custom Pricing

Private Family Estate - Peacocks - Hollywood Forever

Private Family Estate

Hollywood Forever has many private family estates. These estates feature granite walls and bronze entry gates for privacy. Featuring space for two, four and six burials, each estate can be customized with plantings and monuments as you may design and desire.

Private Family Estates start at $72,600

Family Room in Mausoleum - Judy Garland Pavilion - Hollywood Forever

Family Room in a Mausoleum

Throughout our many current mausoleums and those under construction, we offer private family rooms that can be gated. These feature full-length couch crypts with as many as 24 casket spaces. 

Prices start at $270,050

Community Mausoleum - Hollywood Forever

Sky Terraces

Hollywood Forever’s new five-story mausoleum is currently under construction and will feature private, open-air sky terraces with views of the Hollywood Hills to the north and views west to the ocean. 

Sky terrace pricing starts at $1,000,000

Judy Garland Pavilion Plaque - Naming Rights - Hollywood Forever

Community Mausoleum Naming Rights

This exquisite community mausoleum can be named after the individual of your choice in perpetuity.

Naming rights are priced at $2,000,000

Sarcophagus - Sarcophagi - Hollywood Forever


Throughout the ages, sarcophagi have been the preferred form of burial for royalty and saints. Our beautiful above-ground sarcophagi are enclosed in granite or marble. Most sarcophagi have space for two burials. We can also construct a sarcophagus on lawn spaces to your exact specifications, in the style and with the materials you select.

Sarcophagus prices begin at $275,000

Full Cemetery Grounds Closure at Hollywood Forever

Full Cemetery Grounds Closure — Complete Privacy for VIP Services.

We understand that privacy is a premium that many of our guests require. At your direction, we can close our grounds and facilities for the duration of your services to ensure that only those guests listed by you are allowed entry through our gates. We work with Los Angeles’ finest private security services to assure your complete privacy and security requirements.

Full cemetery closure is $30,000

Additional Pricing

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We invite you to visit us for a personal tour of our beautiful grounds and historic buildings. To learn more about Hollywood Forever’s offerings, please contact us.

We are committed to working within your budget to provide a meaningful celebration of life for your loved one. Please know that Hollywood Forever offers financing options through a third party finance company.



or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

(323) 469-1181

or Click Here to view our Plans and Pricing