Funeral Home

A family service counselor is available to speak with you 24 hours a day. For assistance, please call (877) 977-7481 toll free.

Hollywood Forever offers a beautiful, historic, full-service funeral home on the cemetery’s grounds. At Hollywood Funeral Home, we strive to help families and friends celebrate the time they shared — to focus on the life, rather than on the loss. The simplicity of one location for funeral arrangements, ceremonies, cremation, and burial helps families streamline the memorial process.

We are dedicated to making a difficult time easier for those we serve. We tailor our services to meet each family’s needs, and it is our privilege to respectfully serve all cultures, traditions, and faiths.

Hollywood Funeral Home’s Services Include the Following:

  • Transportation from the place of death to Hollywood Funeral Home
  • Professional care and preparation
  • Creation of a meaningful service, including the engagement of officiants, clergy, or musicians
  • Procurement of all necessary documents, including the certificate of death and permit for disposition
  • Selection of memorial items, such as flowers, printed programs, memory cards, video tributes, lawn markers, upright monuments, bronze crypt plates, urns, and the casket


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To learn more about Hollywood Forever’s offerings, please contact us. We invite you to visit us for a personal tour of our beautiful grounds and historic buildings.