Can I Sell My Burial Plot?

Many people purchase a burial plot in advance for peace of mind. However, sometimes circumstances change, and they may no longer need it. They might move away from the area or choose another burial arrangement. 

This blog article walks you through the different options to sell a burial plot.

Can I Sell My Burial Plot

Selling a Burial Plot

It is possible to sell your burial plot, provided your state regulations and the cemetery management company allow it. You can also sell crypts and spaces in a mausoleum or an outdoor tomb.

Remember that buying a burial plot gives you the right to be buried in the land; however, it does not give you ownership rights. So, when selling a burial plot, you’re simply transferring that right to another person or back to the cemetery. 

Check the Regulations

Both state and local regulations can affect the legality of selling a burial plot. In some states, you must offer the burial plot to the cemetery before selling it independently or through a broker. The best way to check is to contact your city’s comptroller’s office. Alternatively, your cemetery or funeral home can give you the necessary information and sometimes assist you.

Check Your Cemetery’s Status

In some cases, your cemetery might be exempt from state regulations. For instance, New York burial plots must be sold by the cemetery that houses them, except for cemeteries owned by religious institutions. These cemeteries aren’t subject to the same state laws, so individuals can sell their burial plots legally.

How to Sell a Burial Plot

If the regulations allow you to sell your burial plot, there are a few ways to do it.

Sell the Burial Plot Back to the Cemetery

If you’re allowed to sell your burial plot to another party, it is often simplest to start with the cemetery. Contact the cemetery management company and check whether it would be interested in a buyback. If yes, the company will make you an offer based on how much you paid for the burial plot and how much it’s worth today.

Use a Broker

You can hire a broker if you don’t want to handle the issue yourself. Numerous companies offer brokerage services for people looking to sell a burial plot. These companies will list your burial plot and manage the transaction for a commission or a fixed fee.

Sell the Burial Plot Online

Selling your burial plot online will remove the hefty fees that might come with other options. However, you’ll have to handle each step of the process yourself. The process should go something like this:

  1. Take high-quality photos of the burial plot.
  2. Draft the advertisement stating the name of the cemetery, the burial plot and grave numbers, and the asking price.
  3. List the burial plot on a specialized or classified ad website. 

After finding a buyer, consider bringing in a lawyer. They will help you complete the necessary paperwork and abide by all regulations.

Seek Assistance

Whether selling or buying a burial plot, working with a reliable company will keep you fully informed and help you navigate the process. If you are looking to buy a burial plot in Los Angeles, contact Hollywood Forever cemetery offers over fifty acres of peaceful green space for visitors and families with thousands of outdoor burial and cremation spaces available. Contact us for more information.


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