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Cremation Memorial Services

The Importance of Ceremony

A meaningful funeral or memorial ceremony can serve as an important step in the healing process, whether or not cremation is to be a part of the process. Hollywood Forever can offer several beautiful venues for a cremation memorial service, both outside on the cemetery’s beautiful grounds and inside its historic buildings. This celebration of life will be carefully tailored to best honor and remember your loved one. A dedicated funeral director will provide you with memorial service ideas to curate a fitting cremation memorial service.

Witnessed Cremation

The main chapel adjoins the crematory, allowing ceremonies and memorials to conclude with a leave-taking in the crematory. This configuration makes Hollywood Forever especially accommodating of Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh traditions.

Columbarium and Cremation Niches

Cremation niches are available both indoor and outdoor for the permanent placement of urns and cremated remains (“ashes”), allowing for visitation from family and friends for generations to come. Many of our indoor cremation niches have a glass front, allowing the cremation urn, artwork, photographs, and other cherished personal items to be displayed as the final disposition.

Cremation Plots

A cremation urn may be placed in a dedicated plot in one of the cemetery’s beautiful gardens or lawns. Cremation burial and memorials can be planned for those who choose cremation but desire a more traditional funeral with a graveside service.

Rose Garden Scattering of Cremated Remains

Cremated remains (“ashes”) may be ceremonially reunited with the earth of the cemetery’s Rose Garden. Our Garden Gates memorial walls offer personalized bronze plaques to memorialize those resting nearby as well as those present solely in spirit.

Scattering At Sea

For those wanting a less traditional funeral, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is able to arrange for cremated remains (“ashes”) to be scattered at sea with one of our trusted providers. This special funeral ceremony may be planned with or without an accompanying memorial service at sea. 

On-Site Flower Shop

Our Flower Shop, located in the Bell Tower at our front gates for your convenience, always has a selection of fresh, seasonal cut flowers, as well as potted plants and our own homegrown succulents.  Our designers are available to arrange and place floral tributes for cremation memorials.


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