, Our Staff

Our Staff

Yogu Kanthiah
Co-Owner & CFO
Tyler Cassity
Co-Owner & President

You have come to Hollywood Forever to remember someone you have known and loved — or perhaps you have come to decide how you wish to be remembered. Though death is the cause of our meeting, let us endeavor to celebrate life. Our hope is to help you fill the emptiness of loss by assisting you in giving expression to the richness and particular beauty of a life that was like none other.

Unlike other funeral homes, we do not impose fixed types of arrangements or cookie-cutter plans. Instead, you have the flexibility to customize all elements. From traditional ceremonies to cultural traditions, homages, personalized statues, niches and plaques—you and your loved ones deserve to do things your way.


You Deserve to Have it Done Your Way

We like to believe that the staff members of Hollywood Forever have uncommon hearts, unexpected creativity, quiet strength, and deep compassion. May you find these qualities here, may they serve you in your time of need.


Homer Alba
Senior Vice President
Jay Boileau
EVP & Director of Cultural Events
Vladimir Chiltsov
Vice President Sales
Lubov Chiltsov
Family Service Manager
Tina Dizon

Family Service

Adela Marquez
Family Service Counselor
Norma Moran
Family Service Counselor
Noelle Berman
Director of Private Estates
Theodore Hovey
Family Service Counselor

Funeral Home

Chanell O'Farrill
Funeral Director
Nouneh Bouvier
Funeral Director
Patsy Chaisomboon
Thai Funeral Specialist
Aleksandr Berkovich
Clergyman - Cantor
Eddie Martinez
Service Coordinator
Sonie Sewal
Death Certificate Coordinator

Pre-Need Management

Ana Ortega
Pre-Need Manager
Victor Ortega
Vice President Pre-Need
Dinora Hernandez
Pre-Need Manager
Jaris Hernandez
Pre-Need Supervisor

Pre-Need Counselors and Support

Bernardo Limon
Pre-Need Counselor
Francisco Almache
Pre-Need Counselor
Elsy Ballesteros
Pre-Need Sales Support

Flower Shop, Reception, and Accounting

Irina Sokolova
Flower Shop Manager
Karen Carrillo
Karina Candelaria
Accounting Manager

Founded in 1899, Hollywood Forever is a Los Angeles institution that draws visitors from all over the world, and our compassionate and experienced staff have been serving the needs of our community and surrounding city for many years. Our staff are fluent in over 7 languages and are committed to providing a meaningful celebration of life for all members of our community across all traditions including Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh ceremonies and processions. Our dedicated team can help you with an immediate need or advance planning for funeral home, mausoleum, cemetery or cremation services.


or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

(323) 469-1181

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