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Cremation Services

Hollywood Forever has provided cremation services to the Los Angeles community since 1928.

Hollywood Forever’s simple cremation services are here to help reflect your most personal and intimately held beliefs. An ancient tradition, cremation has been practiced by many religions and communities. As we seek more meaningful and respectful funeral customs, cremation services can provide thoughtful and intimate remembrances.

More individuals and families are selecting cremation as their preferred option, creating a new tradition for those who follow. Many people appreciate the lower cremation cost compared to traditional burial, while others consider cremation to be the most environmentally friendly option.

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Funeral and Memorial Services in Los Angeles

Hollywood Forever offers a full range of cremation services and options, including direct cremation, witnessed cremation, cremation with a memorial service, or cremation preceded by a traditional visitation and funeral service. If public services and viewing are not selected, the cremation process itself does not necessitate embalming. Our licensed funeral directors will help you choose the cremation services that best serve your needs – whether that is a simple, low-cost cremation or an elaborate and unforgettable celebration of life.

Additional Considerations for Cremation Services

Service options for cremation can be as abundant as those for any other type of funeral service. You may decide to include flowers, service or memorial folders, musical selections, or a dove release. Whatever your wishes, your dedicated funeral arranger will assist you in creating a funeral or memorial service to honor, remember, and celebrate your loved one.

We invite you to visit us for a personal tour of our beautiful grounds and historic buildings. To learn more about Hollywood Forever’s offerings, please contact us.


or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

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On-Site Crematorium

Our current, state-of-the-art crematorium employs the most modern and efficient cremation equipment. Located adjacent to our main funeral chapel, this configuration offers a smooth transition from funeral service to the crematory for those that may want to accompany their loved one in those final steps. This is exceptionally accommodating of Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh traditions that often include a funeral followed by a procession to the crematorium for a farewell ceremony.

Unlike other funeral homes and cremation service providers, your loved ones will always be on-site, under our constant care and supervision throughout the funeral arrangements, memorial services, and during the cremation process. The convenience of having a cemetery, funeral home, and cremation services in one location allows us to offer low-cost cremation at affordable rates.

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Cremation Urns

Hollywood Forever offers a complete array of cremation urns, including bronze urns, biodegradable urns, wooden inlay, scattering urns, and blown glass urns, a selection of which are on display in our showroom.

Cremation Caskets

Hollywood Forever offers a full selection of cremation caskets suitable for the crematory chamber. If a casket is not desired, an alternative container may be purchased at a lower cost.

Cremation Niches

Indoor and outdoor cremation niches are available at Hollywood Forever, for the permanent placement of urns and cremated remains, so family and friends can visit for generations to come. Many indoor cremation niches are glass-fronted, allowing the urn, photographs, artwork, and other cherished personal items to be displayed.

Cremation Plots

A cremation urn may be placed in a dedicated space in one of the cemetery’s beautiful lawns or gardens. Cremation burial and memorials are usually of smaller dimensions and lower cost than full-body burial spaces in the cemetery.

Rose Garden Placement

Cremated remains may be commingled with the earth of the cemetery’s Rose Garden, where the Garden Gate’s memorial walls offer bronze plaques to memorialize both those resting nearby and those present solely in spirit.

Scattering at Sea

Hollywood Forever can arrange for cremated remains to be scattered at sea with one of our trusted providers, with or without an accompanying memorial service at sea. Pricing for unwitnessed scattering of ashes at sea is $275. Complete memorial ceremonies at sea are subject to scheduling, and pricing is dependent on the number of attendees.

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Pre-Planning Your Cremation

Making funeral arrangements is never easy, but planning and funding your cremation in advance takes care of your loved ones. By creating a record of your wishes, you free those left behind from detailed planning and guesswork during a time of grief. Pre-planning your cremation is one of the most meaningful and responsible gifts you can give to your family and friends. Whether you want a direct cremation or a full funeral and burial, in their time of need, your loved ones will feel loved and cared for by you, even in your absence.

Our funeral directors are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether burial or cremation. Hollywood Funeral Home also offers insurance to help fund your funeral costs. Our provider, Great Western Insurance Company, has many protections, including safeguards against inflation and policy transfers for funerals to other providers if you should move out of the area.

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Cremation Pricing

Direct Cremation

packages from $3,200

Direct cremation does not include visitation, funeral, memorial service, viewing, death certificates and other state fees.

Direct Cremation pricing includes:
Funeral Director and Staff (essential services);
Transfer of the decedent from place of death to our Funeral Home in Hollywood; and
Crematory Fee.
For those seeking low-cost cremation, this is our most affordable option.


Cremation with Memorial Service (decedent not present)

packages from $4,750

Cremation with Memorial Service pricing includes:

A one (1) hour Memorial Service in Hollywood Forever’s Main Chapel;
Funeral Director and Staff (essential services);
Transfer of the decedent from place of death to our Funeral Home in Hollywood; and
Crematory Fee.


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Cremation with Funeral Service

packages from $6,000

Cremation with Funeral Service pricing includes:
Embalming, dressing, casketing and cosmetizing;
A one (1) hour Funeral Service in Hollywood Forever’s Main Chapel;
Funeral Director and Staff (essential services);
Transfer of the decedent from place of death to our Funeral Home in Hollywood; and
Crematory Fee.
Please note that this pricing does not include a casket, urn, death certificates and other state fees.


Additional Pricing

Click here for our cremation plans and pricing.

To learn more about cremation arrangements at Hollywood Forever, read about our cremation niches, cremation urns, cremation memorial services, or contact us for more information.

We are committed to working within your budget to provide affordable cremation services and a meaningful celebration of life for your loved one. Please know that Hollywood Forever offers financing options through a third party finance company.


or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

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or Click Here to view our Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the body before cremation? (ID view. Witness cremation)

Yes. You may arrange for an ID View or for a small ceremony or last goodbye right before the cremation (Witness Cremation).

Where do you do the cremation ?

All of our cremations take place on the grounds of Hollywood Forever at our state of the art crematory. Our crematory is adjacent to our main chapel so many funeral and memorial services process from the chapel to the crematory.

Can I be there to see the cremation?

You can arrange for an ID view before the cremation or a brief ceremony or last goodbye at the crematory. Usually, after the casket is placed in the crematory unit, the Witnessing ceremony is over. However, if you would like to be present during the 2-3 hour cremation process, arrangements can be made.

Can I take the urn home?

Yes, you can take the urn home. We will need to note that you have taken the urn home on the permit.

What if I want to take the Urn to my country. What do I need?

Every country requires something different. Please consult your family service counselor.

Why are you so expensive?

Hollywood Forever is a 125 year old landmark institution in the heart of Hollywood.  Our land prices are based on a smaller inventory of remaining spaces available than we did 125 years ago.  Our mausoleum and niche prices are more affordable because we have utilized our remaining perimeter lands to develop more inventory,  Our cremation prices are competitive but unlike the cheapest providers, you or your loved one stays in our care and at our facility from first call to final disposition.  We pride ourselves on the standard of care we offer and we believe you will feel the difference.

Do I need to pay ahead of time before you come pick up our loved one?

No.  Payment is required in full 48 hours before funeral, burial or cremation services or before shipping your loved one out of state.

Terms and Definitions [click to hide/show]

  • Cremation is a method of disposition of a dead body through burning or combustion; repositioning; and processing.
  • A Crematorium or Crematory is a closed furnace or retort where the cremation takes place. Most Crematories, including Hollywood Forever’s, operate on natural gas. By law, only one cremation may occur at a time.
  • Cremated Remains, Ashes, or Cremains. Cremation leaves behind an average of 5.3lbs of remains. Not actual ash, these remains consist of fragments of bone material, which are then processed by a cremulator, to be placed in an urn.
  • Cremation Units and Alternative Containers: We offer cremation units designed as caskets, that are of a simple, light construction and are easily combustible. These are often chosen if there will be a funeral service prior to cremation. You may also select an alternative container made of dense cardboard. These are often used when there is no funeral service beforehand. State Laws require either a cremation casket or an alternative container to be used.
  • Cremation Urns are containers for cremated remains and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Some commonly chosen options include urns made of bronze, wood, marble, glass, or biodegradable materials. Keepsake Urns are smaller containers, jewelry pieces, or other items that may contain a smaller portion of cremated remains – allowing for multiple people to have a touchstone.
  • Final disposition refers to the final destination of the cremated remains. For remains not taken home in an urn by a survivor, options include burial in a cemetery space, urn placement in an above-ground space (cremation niche), scattering at sea, or in Hollywood Forever’s beautiful rose garden.
  • A Funeral Service is a ceremony honoring a deceased person – usually present in a casket.
  • A Memorial Service is a ceremony honoring a deceased person without their body present. A service with cremated remains (ashes) present is also considered a Memorial Service.
  • Witnessed cremation is another way of expressing a final goodbye, by helping to place the deceased in the crematory. For Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jainism faiths, being present at the beginning of the cremation is an integral part of their beliefs and traditions. For others, it is a respectful and caring way to accompany a loved one to the very end, a final transition.