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Hollywood Forever Cemetery Has Been a California Landmark for More Than a Century

Founded in 1899, Hollywood Forever National Cemetery in Los Angeles is the resting place for hundreds of Hollywood’s greatest luminaries. The cemetery has restored to its original splendor, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A Los Angeles institution that draws visitors from all over the world, Hollywood Forever is an active cemetery and funeral home serving the needs of our community and surrounding city.

The cemetery offers over fifty acres of peaceful green space for visitors and families. With thousands of outdoor burial and cremation spaces available, new mausoleum construction nearing completion, and a vibrant cultural events program, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is more active today than ever before.

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The cemetery serves a multitude of cultures and honors a diversity of traditions. All faiths and traditions, new and old, are welcome. Beth Olam (House of Eternity) is a separate Jewish burial ground within the cemetery. We also have a cremation and stupa garden for our Buddhist families. Hollywood Forever was one of the first cemeteries in the nation to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and our celebration has become a treasured Los Angeles tradition.

The history and beauty of our cemetery grounds will provide a sense of comfort to you today, and to your loved ones for generations to come.

Los Angeles Convenience and Centrality

In the heart of Hollywood, adjacent to Paramount Studios on our Southern boundary, Hollywood Forever offers the convenience of a funeral home chapel, crematory, and cemetery located all within our grounds. We also have a full-service Flower Shop and historic reception facilities in our Eastern Star Room. We work with other funeral homes, churches, temples and other venues to coordinate off-site funeral services and memorials. 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Cemetery and Burial Options

Hollywood Forever offers a wide range of burial places and memorialization options. 

Traditional Burial

We offer a wide selection of traditional burial spaces throughout our park-like grounds. Our beautiful lakes, reflecting pools, and forested lawns offer a variety of scenic spots to select from. Many areas have a view of the Hollywood sign in the distance. Each grave space at Hollywood is considered a double interment space and can accommodate up to two burials. Family members may also purchase additional interment rights for cremation burials on existing family graves. 

Private Mausoleum

The grounds of Hollywood Forever are dotted with granite private family mausoleums. With our masons and stone resources, we can help you design a private building for your final resting place that matches your aesthetics with burial crypts and cremation niches to serve generations of your family.

Community Mausoleum

Hollywood Forever has many historic mausoleum buildings as well as an ongoing construction program to create 25,000 new crypt spaces over the next 15 years in our five-story mausoleum with views of downtown and the Hollywood Hills. Mausoleum crypts are our most affordable traditional burial option.

Green Burial and Natural Burial

We are pleased to offer an environmentally friendly, or Green burial, at Hollywood Forever.  Hollywood Forever is proud to be certified as a Hybrid Cemetery by the Green Burial Council.   Green Burial is for those wishing to be buried naturally with no embalming in a burial shroud or a simple pine, wicker, or other natural biodegradable casket.  Also, vaults are not used.  Instead, the burial soil is mounded and gradually recedes over time.  As part of the service, attendees are encouraged to participate in the burial process.  Memorial options include a newly planted tree, a succulent planting, and an inscribed natural bolder 

For those wishing to have a green burial in a conservation landscape, we can arrange for transfers to our sister cemetery in Marin County, Fernwood Cemetery. 

Fernwood Cemetery is one of the first green burial grounds of its kind in the United States and continues to pioneer green and conservation burial techniques and emerging traditions. Fernwood also includes Gan Yarok, America’s first green Jewish cemetery.


or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

(323) 469-1181

or Click Here to view our Plans and Pricing

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Cremation Options

Hollywood Forever offers a variety of cremation services and cremation options.

Indoor Glass Fronted Cremation Niches

Our indoor mausoleums also feature glass-fronted cremation niches that allow for the display of cremation urns, photographs, and other mementos.

Outdoor Stone Fronted Niches

We have many beautiful stone-fronted cremation niches adjacent to our reflection pools, fountains, and historic architectural exteriors. Many niches accommodate multiple cremated remains (“ashes”). 

Cremation Scattering

Cremated remains (“ashes”) may also be scattered in our Rose Garden with memorial plaques available at the garden’s edge. We can also arrange for cremated remains (“ashes”) to be scattered at sea with one of our trusted providers, with or without an accompanying memorial service at sea.

Ground Burial for Cremation

Smaller ground burial spaces may be selected throughout our lawns and gardens for the interment of cremation urns within vaults. Memorials may include benches, stones, upright monuments, and even tree plantings.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Freedom to Express

Unlike lawn park cemeteries that permit only flat markers, Hollywood Forever encourages creativity and expression. One-of-a-kind monuments, statuaries, headstones and structures in a variety of artistic and architectural styles fill the landscape of our park-like cemetery. Our in-house studio of stonemasons will work with you to create a custom memorial reflective of the life it is to honor. 

Advance Planning

Many of our clients pre plan, opting to select and purchase their burial spaces, crypts, or cremation niches in advance of need. We offer affordable monthly payment plans for options purchased beforehand. By making these purchases in advance, you can be assured to receive precisely what you wish, while sparing your loved ones from the expense and guesswork of having to make these decisions for you.

On-Site Flower Shop

Our flower shop, conveniently located in the Bell Tower at our front gates, always has a selection of fresh, seasonal cut flowers, potted plants, and our own homegrown succulents. Our designers are available to arrange and place floral tributes for memorials and grave sites.

Cemetery Visitors

Hollywood Forever welcomes visitors from dawn to dusk every day, 7 days a week (Beth Olam burial sites, buildings, and gates are closed on Saturdays).

West South Window Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Cemetery Pricing

Double-depth lawn spaces from $25,300

Single crypts from $10,175
Companion crypts from $19,250

Single cremation niches from $5,550
Companion cremation niches from $8,325

Cremation plots from $12,650

Tree Planting and Bio Urn, please inquire.

For funeral package pricing, please click here.

We are committed to working within your budget to provide a meaningful celebration of life for your loved one. Please know that Hollywood Forever offers financing options through a third party finance company.


or talk to a Family Service Counselor — available 24/7:

(323) 469-1181

or Click Here to view our Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy my own casket from outside?

You can buy your own casket but you will not be able to purchase funeral savings packages that have a casket included.

Does pre arranging save on cost?

Prearrangement saves money by freezing the costs at today’s prices. This saves you from having to cover inflation as well as product and overhead cost increases. Also, making calm and deliberate decisions ahead of time is almost always a more prudent path than overwhelmed and emotional survivors making these financial decisions at the time of need.

Does package include picking up the body?

Yes, our packages include picking up the body.

What do I do when person dies? Who do I call?

Death can happen anywhere; at home, in a hospital, nursing facility, on the scene of an accident, homicide or suicide. If the decedent passes at home and is under hospice care, the hospice nurse would be called first, then they would arrive at the residence and call the funeral home. If hospice is not involved, the paramedics would be called first. The funeral home would receive notification from a police officer and we would then dispatch our care team to the residence.

If the death occurs at a hospital or nursing facility, the family or a nurse from the facility may call the funeral home first. If a nurse calls, we collect basic information including the full name of your loved one, date and time of death, date of birth, their approximate weight, name and address of the facility where they passed and contact information for the next of kin and the doctor to sign the death certificate. The hospital will request a release signed by the next of kin before we may bring your loved one into our care at the funeral home.

If a friend or family member calls, we collect basic information and follow up with the hospital. If the death was thought to be caused by an accident, homicide or suicide a police officer would contact the coroner’s office for transportation of the decedent downtown to the coroner’s office. The family would call the funeral home, information, including the coroner case number would be collected, a coroner release form would need to be signed by the next of kin before going to the coroner’s office when the decedent becomes ready for release.

Do I have to pay for everything up front, or can I continue to make payments after the service until the balance is paid off?

If you make your arrangements in advance, we offer a wide variety of payment plans and terms for funeral, cremation, and cemetery purchases.

If you purchase at the time of need, we do require full payment before any services are performed. If you would like to finance these at-need arrangements, we can refer you to one of the finance companies we often work with.

How long can you keep the body there? (usually cause they are waiting for out of State family)

We can keep a body in our care for up to a couple of weeks. However, we can work with you depending on your situation, please speak to one of our family service counselors. In the event that family is not able to be reached, the funeral home must file a death certificate with the health department within 8 days from the date of death. Information not known will be listed as unknown on the death certificate. An amendment can be done when the information is known. This will result in a multi paged death certificate.

What is embalming?

Embalming is the art and science of making a decedent suitable for public or private viewing. It is often performed to ensure a better presentation of your loved one for their viewing or service by disinfecting and slowing the decomposition process.

Can I call you at 3am? Or who do I call?

You can call us anytime, 24 hours a day, at (323) 469-1181.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.