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How to Invite People to a Funeral

Planning a funeral service can be difficult. You may be processing the grief of losing a loved one. Arranging an event to commemorate the departed’s life may be essential, but can also be draining.

Working out who you should invite and how to invite them can be one of the more important parts of making funeral arrangements. In this[...]


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Tips on How to Contact Loved Ones After Someone Has Passed

The passing of a loved one often marks the beginning of a difficult period for those who knew the dearly departed. Though it can be important to process your own grief during this period, you may also need to share the news with others. While this may feel overwhelming, these useful tips will help you when funeral planning and contacting people[...]


How to Help Children Deal With Grief

The passing of a loved one can sometimes have a traumatic effect on children. Many children have a vague awareness of death, however, they may struggle to understand what it really means in terms of no longer being able to see or visit somebody they love anymore. As a parent, you cannot help your child to avoid the grief they’re feeling, but[...]


What is a Digital Afterlife? And Why It Matters

Whenever we use the internet for banking, shopping, sending emails, socializing with family, or even catching up on the latest news, we leave a digital footprint. Companies often store our data to make it easier to login, get birthday reminders, and even send advertisements catered to your specific likes and interests.

But unless managed[...]


How To Talk To Your Loved Ones About Funeral Planning

Talking about the future can be difficult. It can be even more trying when you want to talk to your aging parents or other loved ones about their end of life choices. At Hollywood Forever, we want to help you start these conversations and understand the many options you have when planning end of life services. Tackling these conversations can[...]


A History of Burial and Green Solutions

When a loved one passes, the number of decisions to be made can sometimes be overwhelming. The how and why behind these decisions are all weighed and valued differently; informed by the loved one’s life story, family priorities, and cultural norms. When an answer or decision on how to honor the passing of a loved one is not clear, we can look[...]


How To Write a Thank You Note After a Funeral

After a loved one passes, you may very well receive support and help from others close to you or perhaps even strangers willing to lend a hand, especially during a funeral. Perhaps they wrote letters, sent flowers, or provided their services. Writing thank you notes can be a wonderful way to acknowledge them. A thank you note after a funeral is[...]


Top 5 Historical Cemeteries

Cemeteries are often a precise physical representation of the cultural, religious, and artistic beliefs of every historical period. Occasionally, preconceptions or stereotypes position cemeteries as sometimes sad or even creepy places, but cemeteries can be beautiful sites of both national and personal history. 

The following five[...]


What Is a Sustainable Funeral?

A sustainable funeral, also known as an eco-friendly burial, is a ceremony that honors the life lived in a very natural way. As we have become further aware of our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, many people have begun to consider the concept of sustainable funerals in place of traditional burials as they are often considered[...]


A Brief History of Cremation

Cremation is a funeral or post-funeral rite that serves as a way of  honoring a life well lived. Though it is an ancient practice that dates back to at least the Stone Age, it has run the gamut of Western opinion. In some eras, it was widely accepted, and in others, it was almost entirely shunned. 

The history of cremation, at least in[...]