Rules About Photographs At A Funeral

While a funeral can be an incredibly somber occasion, it brings people together and allows them to mourn their loss and reminisce about loved ones.

Some families often choose to photograph the funeral proceedings. They could do this as a way to honor their loved ones. If you happen to be arranging a funeral, it is important to follow a couple of unspoken rules about funeral photography to be respectful to those attending.

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What Does Respectful Funeral Photography Involve?

Conducting yourself properly while taking pictures at a funeral is essential. Balancing documenting the event with respectful mourning takes thought and consideration.  Here are some ways to do so:

Consider Hiring Professionals

Consider hiring a professional to be able to stay present in the proceeding and be able to grieve the way you need to. Many families opt to hire professional photographers. They are trained in proper photography etiquette and will know how to take pictures without disrupting the funeral.

Consult Other Family Members

If you decide to take pictures yourself, see if the rest of your family has any preferences on photography at the occasion. Discuss with them the type of images you wish to take, and ensure they’re okay with being photographed during such a difficult time.

Other than the family, ask other people if they’re okay with the idea. This includes the staff, friends, and anyone you may capture during the occasion.

Stay Inconspicuous

Remaining inconspicuous while taking photographs is vital. It will ensure you don’t distract other mourners from the service by asking them to move or look at the camera. And will also allow them to grieve in peace with their friends and family.

Avoid The Flash

While using flash can enhance the quality of your images, it is ill-suited for a solemn event such as a funeral. We suggest avoiding it to remain respectful to the bereaved and the priest performing the service.

For that reason, ensure the flash feature on your smartphone or camera is turned off. Don’t take a chance with low lighting because even minimal flash can be inappropriate and distracting.

Don’t Take Selfies

This is an often frowned upon photography practice that rarely has a place at a funeral. People regularly take selfies, but a funeral is not usually the time to do so. Although some services celebrate life, these events are often somber events. Match your tone accordingly. Don’t let taking selfies make you come across as uncaring or unsympathetic toward the attendees.

Use Proper Attire And Equipment

As previously discussed, you don’t want to stand out as a photographer. Wear suitable, comfortable clothing that doesn’t stand out amongst the other attendees.

Regarding your equipment, bring only what’s necessary to avoid distracting someone. A tripod and camera should be more than adequate whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Bid Farewell The Right Way

If done properly, photography is a powerful way to say farewell to your loved ones. However, the key is to stay respectful throughout the proceedings.

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