Do I Need to Have a Funeral or Memorial Service?

Funerals allow friends and family members to say their final goodbyes and celebrate the life of their loved ones. They can also mark the beginning of the healing process. 

But, importantly, are funerals a legal requirement?

Do I Need to Have a Funeral or Memorial Service

Are Funerals Mandatory?

Funerals are not required by law, but when someone dies, their body must be buried or cremated. The family doesn’t have to hold a funeral or memorial service if they would not like to.

There are several reasons people consider avoiding a funeral: 

  • Cost. 
  • The person who passed away would have wanted to be buried without a fuss.
  • Few people would attend the service.
  • Getting people together for the occasion would be challenging. 
  • A religious or traditional service would be inappropriate. 
  • The family would prefer a less formal event. 
  • There could be social distancing guidelines and restrictions due to a pandemic.

But Should You Have a Funeral or Service? 

You could avoid having a funeral or service, but should you? If you decided to skip the event, you could deprive your loved ones of many important moments. When a loved one passes, the heart and mind don’t always easily accept that the person is gone. 

A funeral could help friends and family come to terms with their loss. And a meaningful service can often help people accept the situation and start grieving. 


A key component of any funeral is remembering the deceased, either through eulogies, tribute videos, chosen readings, songs, and gatherings of loved ones after the service. 

By sharing and reminiscing about heartwarming moments with loved ones, people can often start to move on. 


Another reason a funeral or memorial service is often welcome is that it allows those who knew the deceased to support each other. These events can provide the perfect opportunity for family and friends to bond. They may share memories, express their feelings, and comfort each other. 


Few human beings are truly emotionless. But often emotions get suppressed, especially after losing someone close to you. The feeling can grow and become more difficult if avoided or left unprocessed. 

People can express their emotions at a funeral. This way, negative thoughts can be processed and this can provide additional support during the grieving period. 

A Funeral Is a Precious Event 

Funerals and memorial services can be difficult, but they are important occasions. They allow the mourners to move through difficult experiences and reminisce about important or incredble moments spent with a loved one. 

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