Why Funeral Pre Planning Will Help Your Family Heal

In the past few years, more and more people have opted to pre-plan their own funerals. While funeral pre planning may seem like a morbid undertaking, making these end-of-life decisions has often brought a sense of peace and clarity to the planner, as well as to their families. Preplanning your funeral can offer a measure of control over an inevitable event, allowing you time to make decisions about what happens after. Regardless of your age or the nature of your health, pre-planning your funeral can help your family to heal. Read below to find out why.

Why Planning Your Funeral Will Help Your Family Heal

The Pressure Will Be Lessened

The days immediately following the death of a loved one can be stressful, confusing, and incredibly emotional. Oftentimes a haze of grief may settle over those closest to the departed, making it difficult to concentrate. This is often when the most important decisions for funeral arrangements will need to be made. Pre-planning your funeral can lessen the confusion and stress of trying to figure out the details of a service or memorial, giving your loved ones the space they need to better process their feelings and emotions. Your loved ones can be more vulnerable when there is pressure to make sure that paperwork is signed, arrangements have been made and everything is in order. If you have made existing plans clear, the easier the situation can be for them. While the grief may still be present, your loved one can rest assured knowing that plans will be handled according to your wishes. 

You’ll Have Time to Save Money

Financial stress is one of the most difficult realities to come to terms with when a person passes on, second only to the death itself. There will need to be immediate action taken, with expenses attached to whatever decisions have been made. When a financial burden is suddenly borne by your loved ones, decisions may need to be made to ensure that the funeral remains affordable. Pre planning a funeral can lessen this financial stress significantly. A reputable funeral home and cemetery can offer payment plans well in advance of someone’s passing. Monthly installment payments add up over time, giving your family a chance to handle the remaining balance, or even paying in full before a death even occurs. Pre planning your funeral will also lock in a price for your desired resting place, whether it be a burial space, a columbarium niche, or a mausoleum. This will protect the cost of your funeral from the rise of inflation, saving your family money in the long run. The less financial stress your family is under, the more they can focus on honoring your life and healing together.

You Can Have the Funeral You Want

Your loved ones will want to give you the funeral service that you deserve, honoring your memory to the best of their ability. However, without pre-planning, they may find themselves lost or unsure of how exactly to do that. During those foggy first few days after such a loss, people can sometimes find making decisions difficult. Second-guessing is frequent. They may struggle with smaller details — which flowers would you have wanted? Should they have a celebration of life service, or a traditional funeral? Did you want to be buried or cremated? Pre-planning is like providing a map for your lost loved ones. Making these decisions beforehand will give them comfort in knowing that you are being honored exactly as you would have wished. They won’t need to second-guess any decisions, as you will have thoughtfully made them beforehand. This can also rescue them from feeling of guilt or anxiety over what could be a wrong choice. Instead, they will be able to celebrate your life as you would have wanted them to, giving them space to grieve and heal rather than question and worry.

You Can Say Goodbye

Pre-planning your funeral is, in a way, a parting gift to your loved ones. It allows you to express yourself, making a statement about the life you have lived. Choosing music and flowers is an expression of your taste and personality. Saving money for your family is an expression of your generosity. Lessening the pressure for your family is an expression of your compassion. When the time comes, they will still be comforted by you, supported by you, and loved by you. You can say goodbye in a meaningful, actionable way. In doing so, your family can come together to grieve their loss, celebrate your life, and eventually begin to heal.

At Hollywood Forever, we want people to feel supported and cared for as they begin funeral pre-planning. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. We dedicate ourselves to honoring your life and legacy. We hope that we can help you pre-plan your funeral in a way that can, in time, help your family heal. 

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