How to Choose a Mausoleum

When you think about a funeral, you’re likely picturing a more traditional ground burial or cremation ceremony. While these are tried and true options for after-life services, another option has been gaining popularity: mausoleums. This burial option is a particular favorite for those who aren’t too keen on being buried or cremated, as it allows their remains to exist above ground, protected from the elements.

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What Is A Mausoleum?

A mausoleum is a free-standing structure that holds crypts and niches for people to be laid to rest in. This burial method has become popular in places with less land for traditional burial, allowing multiple people to be interred in the same place. While mausoleum interment has gained popularity, its origin is ancient. The term itself actually comes from King Mausolus who died around the year 350 BC. His grieving wife ordered a giant stone temple to be erected in his honor that is now listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Other famous mausoleums include the Taj Mahal in India, Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow, and the Lafayette Cemetery mausoleums in Louisiana.

How to Choose a Mausoleum?

There are several different types of mausoleums to choose from. These options will allow you to decide if you would like to have your body interred or placed in a cremation niche, as well as whether you would like to be laid to rest communally indoors, outdoors, with family, or privately. Choosing the right mausoleum for you or your family now can allow you to work with the funeral home on a payment plan, easing the future financial burden as you invest in your future resting place.

Indoor Mausoleums

Indoor mausoleums are enclosed buildings that house both crypts and cremation niches. This is the preferred option for many who live in a location with inclement weather. Because of the safe indoor space, a burial can be performed regardless of the temperature outside.  Family members and friends are also able to pay their respects to loved ones interred in an indoor mausoleum regardless of sunshine or rain. These community structures often feature cremation niches, crypts, and companion crypts.

Outdoor Mausoleums

An outdoor mausoleum usually features a garden or courtyard. These open air mausoleums are a fitting resting place for people who found joy in the beauty of nature. With access to fresh air and natural light, people find outdoor mausoleums to be a calm and beautiful place to pay respects to their loved ones. Visitors are often accommodated by benches placed throughout the garden or courtyard areas. While many community outdoor mausoleums have single and companion crypts, some also have single or companion niches.

Family Crypts

If you would like to be buried in a location that allows for the interment of more than one person close to you, it’s important to find a mausoleum that contains family crypts. While many outdoor and indoor mausoleums are equipped with these specifications, it’s important to know beforehand if this is an after-life priority for you. Some family crypts can contain up to four people, with options to secure nearby single or companion crypts nearby if you have a larger extended family. This mausoleum option is perfect for people who want to feel close to their loved ones, both in this life and the next. It’s also a more cost-efficient burial plan for those who wish to be buried with their families, as paying for individual crypts is more expensive than paying for one large space.

Private Mausoleums

If you’re worried about the capacity for family crypts in a community mausoleum, then the best option for you is a private mausoleum. This building will be built to your specifications and will provide privacy for your loved ones both living and interred. Private mausoleums do not have a capacity limit, so your family can remain together for generations to come. A private mausoleum can also be an outdoor structure if you love the idea of having a garden or courtyard. Private mausoleums also usually come with a level of personal security. While the cost of a private mausoleum is higher than community mausoleums or purchasing a family crypt, many people are willing to pay more to guarantee that their loved ones can rest in peace.

Hollywood Forever Mausoleums

Hollywood Forever offers a range of private family mausoleums and community mausoleums and can provide support and assistance choosing the mausoleum that best suits your needs. Whatever your choice, you can feel confident knowing that at Hollywood Forever, you or your loved one will be laid to rest in a place of beauty, peace, and care. 

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