What is Direct Cremation?

Perhaps the most selfless act you can do for your loved ones is to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and burial plans. It’s a thoughtful way to ease the burden of your passing for those closest to you, while also guaranteeing you will have the service you would have wanted. Whether you are planning for the immediate future or a much later date, it’s never too soon to start considering your options. Making these difficult decisions in advance will relieve the burden from your loved ones, allowing for a more calm planning process when the time comes.

What is Direct Cremation

There are many options when it comes to funeral services. Cremation services are popular because they are simple, less expensive, and even more environmentally-friendly than in-ground burial. After you’ve chosen cremation, there are still different services to consider. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable cremation option, direct cremation is the perfect choice. Here are some important things to note about direct cremation that will assist you in your decision making process.

The Direct Cremation Process

Direct cremation begins when the deceased person is moved from the location in which they passed to their funeral home of choice. Next of kin will need to file the legally required documents, including the death certificate and the cremation authorization. 

This efficient form of cremation is performed without embalming, viewing, or visitation. The deceased is placed in an alternative container such as a cardboard box with a lid, and then moved into the cremation chamber. Once the cremation is complete, the ashes are given to the family in a cremation container. Containers are generally plastic or cardboard, allowing for easier transportation. 

The family is free to celebrate their loved one by handling the ashes in whatever way they deem fit. Some people may want to keep the ashes in an urn on their mantle, while others may choose to spread them in a place that was meaningful to the deceased. Many people decide to do a combination of both.

While a funeral or memorial service is not included in the direct cremation process, these types of life celebrations can be arranged separately.

The Benefits of Choosing Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation is the most affordable after-life service. Other types of cremation and in-ground burial can become quite costly, as they often include embalming and other costly, time-consuming processes. An in-ground burial also carries the cost of a casket, which can be financially straining. Direct cremation allows for a more simple process, wherein only the transportation of the deceased and the cremation itself are counted for cost.

While an open-casket funeral or cremation ceremony can provide closure for some people, for many these services are too painful. The grief journey is different for everyone, but many people prefer a more simple approach to mourning. This is exactly what you can expect with direct cremation. With less planning and fewer formalities, the passing of a loved one can be more easily accepted.

Direct cremation also allows for more time flexibility. Because the ashes will be delivered to you directly, you can wait a week, a month, or a year to gather loved ones for a memorial service. This is greatly appreciated if you have loved ones that are coming from out of town.

End-of-life services can be difficult to save for, even if you’re planning ahead. The cost can be an even greater burden for your loved ones if they are not prepared for the loss of their loved one. Choosing direct cremation while pre-planning can ease this financial difficulty. The grief process is always a difficult one, but it can be eased by choosing the best cremation services Los Angeles can provide. 

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