The Difference Between a Public and Private Cemetery

When someone passes away, the family has to make many difficult decisions. One of which is determining the right cemetery for their remains. If the loved one hasn’t left specific instructions or wishes, the mourners may need to choose between a public or private cemetery.

The Difference Between a Public and Private Cemetery

What Is a Public vs. Private Cemetery? 

A public cemetery serves the local community. It can be affiliated with churches or the general public. 

In contrast, a private cemetery is often only available to a single family or smaller community. It rarely has religious or military affiliations and generally offers different upkeep options.

How Do You Make Your Choice? 

The choice between a public and private cemetery depends on several factors. For instance, you may want to leave flowers for your loved one, but this is sometimes only allowed in private cemeteries. You could also be on a budget, in which case a public cemetery would be a better option.

Here are a few other considerations:

Wishes of the Loved One

Some people make plans. Others don’t. They may  wish to be placed in a special casket or rest in a cremation niche.

Either way, the family would need to choose a cemetery according to their loved one’s wishes.

For example, a public cemetery might be a better choice for cremation niches since there are often fewer viewing limitations. This allows you to honor the final wish of your loved one to it’s fullest.

Resting Place of Other Family Members 

If you come from a rural background, you might be able to bury your loved one in a private countryside cemetery. Some families construct private structures that serve as a resting place for many generations.

Price and Maintenance 

Although having a funeral in a private cemetery is more affordable than buying a public plot, it has a few notable drawbacks. Primarily, private grounds aren’t always maintained. You may trim the grass and pull weeds for a couple of years, but future generations might not be willing to do so. 

Headstone Type 

Public cemeteries rarely offer various types of headstones. Ground-level headstones are the most common. 

If the loved one already purchased a headstone or has a special wish, a private cemetery might be a better option. 

Leave the Arrangements to Caring Professionals 

Selecting a cemetery is just one choice you need to make. Many other factors come into play when organizing a service, like transport and finding the right casket. DIY arrangements can be overwhelming, especially at this difficult time. Therefore, leave the work to an experienced full-service cemetery funeral company. 

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