Cremation Memorial Services

Holding a meaningful memorial service for your loved one can be very beneficial for the healing process, as well as provide a sense of closure. Hollywood Forever offers a range of beautiful memorial services for families who choose cremation.
A cremation memorial service can be held at any time. Many families choose a special occasion, such as their loved one’s birthday or wedding anniversary.

We embrace all cultures and traditions

Witnessed Cremation

For those who would like to witness their loved one’s cremation, our crematory is adjacent to our funeral chapel. Many families choose to hold a beautiful memorial service in our chapel and then proceed to the crematory after the service.

Chapel Service

Our historic Chapel of the Psalms was built in 1928 in an Italian Renaissance style. It comfortably seats up to 200 people and features private outdoor gardens adjacent to the chapel. It has been the setting of many beautiful memorials and features state of the art audiovisual capabilities for a truly unique service. Our staff can recommend a range of talented local musicians and help you select the perfect music.

Historic Masonic Lodge

Built in 1927, Hollywood’s Golden Age, our Masonic Lodge comfortably seats up to 250 individuals.

Spanish-Speaking and Other Native Language Service

Members of our staff are fully fluent in Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Thai and other languages. We can help you create a memorial service in accordance with your family’s traditions.


The Beth Olam section of Hollywood Forever Cemetery was opened in the 1920s. Our staff can help you plan a traditional Jewish service.

Ash Scattering

For families who decide to simply scatter their loved one’s ashes out to sea or in a beautiful location, we can help make the arrangements..

Fully Customized

We can assist you in designing a truly unique memorial service.


Memorials starting from: $600/hour
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To learn more about Hollywood Forever memorial services, please contact us. We invite you to visit us and take a guided tour.