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Cremation Niches, Cremation Plots, Living Tree Memorials, and Scattering Gardens

Hollywood Forever offers a range of options for the placement or interment of cremated remains, including both indoor and outdoor niches, lawn plots, living tree memorials, and scattering gardens. To learn more, please contact us. We invite you to visit us the cemetery for a personal tour of our beautiful grounds and historic buildings.

Cathedral Mausoleum Esplanades

Both cremation niches and crypts for casketed remains gracing the facade of the Cathedral Mausoleum look out over the cemetery’s lake.

The Fairbanks Mausoleum

The newly completed mausoleum along the Douglas Fairbanks Reflecting Pool and Memorial offers both cremation niches and crypts for casketed remains.

The Hollywood Columbarium

Beneath the dome of the cemetery’s main chapel lies the Hollywood Columbarium, where columns of glass-front niches surrounding a murmuring fountain rise up to meet the cupola on the second floor.

The Valentino Shrines

Named in tribute to Rudolph Valentino, who rests nearby, the three Valentino Shrines of the Cathedral Mausoleum offer both glass-front and marble-front niches.

The Judy Garland Pavilion

Named in honor of the the legendary star who rests here, the Judy Garland Pavilion offers individually lit glass-front niches, marble-front niches, as well as crypt spaces.

Courtyard Columbarium

The glass pyramid that crowns the Courtyard Mausoleum bathes the blue granite niches of this newly completed columbarium with golden sunlight.

Cremation Tree and Bio Urn

The cemetery’s grounds offer living memorials, where cremated remains and a biodegradable urn provide the foundation for a newly planted tree.

The Colonnade

Built in 1923, the Colonnade features glass-front niches lined with Carrara marble.

The Abbey Rotunda

Four columbaria grace the walls of the Rotunda of the Abbey of the Psalms.

Rose Garden Gates

Cremated remains commingle with the earth in the cemetery’s rose garden, where the Garden Gates memorial walls offer bronze plaques to memorialize both those resting nearby and those present solely in spirit.

Buddhist Cremation Garden

The cemetery’s Thai stupa garden is available to people of all faiths, traditions, and backgrounds.

The Pathway Fountain Niches

Follow a stone pathway to this secret garden where these niches surround a charming fountain.

Ground Memorials

For families who prefer ground burial for their loved one’s cremated remains, Hollywood Forever offers ground burial with a simple marker. With a permanent memorial location for your loved one, family, friends and future generations have a place where they can come together to pay tribute.


Star of David Mosaic

Each niche is part of a beautiful mosaic of the Star of David. Nearby, stone niches rest beneath a smaller Star of David design.

Garden of Israel Cremation spaces

Stone niches with a view of the trees lined pathways of traditional Beth Olam.
Beth Olam ground inurnment is also available in our lawn sections


Cremation niches starting from: $4700
Ground Memorials starting from: $9999
Tree Planting and Bio Urn starting from: $3000

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To learn more about cremation at Hollywood Forever, please contact us.
We invite you to visit us and take a guided tour.