Scott Everett Berger


The Joker

He is noted for his ability to die and then show up again.
He enjoys mocking the status quo and refuses to adhere to the conventional sense of morality.
The Joker always stands outside established society.
He teaches us to see the sacred in what might normally be considered a mistake. He creates his own code of ethics. His motives are pure because he owes allegiance to no one. In medieval courts the fool was not an idiot. His value came from his isolation. Looking at society from his place outside the system, he was the only one who was able to see things as they really were. Court Jesters still exist and it is easy to recognize them. In a world of insincere masked sentiments, the trickster is the only one with enough courage to wear the mask of truth.

The Joker knows that laughter is the best medicine.
He wants you to laugh at yourself.
He is the part of ourselves that is still childish enough to be amazed at the wonders of the universe. He is not afraid to make a fool out of himself by attempting something new. Failure doesn’t bother him; the worst that could happen is that people would laugh at him and so what if they do? He is already a clown.

Wearing the Jokers image on your skin in any one of his many guises reminds you that the universe is scary, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. It also reminds you that miracles happen every day to the courageous few who dare to invite the Joker into their lives. After all, only the bravest among us will risk being called a fool.


  1. Greetings from NYU

    We’re an undergraduate senior class studying death and popular culture and we saw your video. We all thought you were very funny and we enjoyed the video. We want to know why you did this. Why did you decide to do this when you’re still alive? When will you be performing in NYC?
    There is a young lady here who says she likes long walks on the beach and sunsets as well.

    2005 Death & Pop Culture Class

  2. Marriage

    Midnight October 30/31, 2004 – Beth and I were married at our apartment. It was a small ceremony with a few of our close fiends (ooops, I mean friends!). We were made-up as a dead bride and groom, our minister was a devil-like harlequin, and our ring bearers were a couple of evil clowns…Ain’t love grand?!?!

    Scott Everett Berger

  3. My Future

    On Tuesday June 15th, 2004 I proposed marriage to my Angel, my “Partner In Crime” Beth…which also is her birthday!

    Scott Everett Berger

  4. Your photo like as would be alive...

    Your story is very interesting and touching.I just became to feel to email you. I don’t know…
    Sincerely, Judy

    Judy Hodos

  5. My Heart

    In October of 2003 I met an angel, and her name is Beth.

    Scott Everett Berger

  6. A Life Change

    On Monday July 21, 2003 I was laid-off from my job as the mail clerk from Warner Chappell Music, a job that I have had for the past 12 years. I guess this is Life’s way of saying, “Get out there and do more with your life funny man!”


  7. The hmmm that make you go...

    The Only answer…


  8. Things that make u go hmmm...

    One question..are you dead?


  9. 40 Years

    Happy 40th Birthday To Me! This is the first birthday since I was a child, that I have truely had a playful, positive attitude. I honestly like where my life is right now, in this moment. I think I’ll…GO TO DISNEYLAND!


  10. pain and truth

    It’s me again. In my growth as a creative being, as a comedian, I’m honestly getting in touch with the painful crap within me. I am never truely satisfied, mainly with myself, and I am not good enough. Somewhere in my childhood simply accepting myself wasn’t good enough, and now I carry that with me through life, sometimes as a motivator to improve, and other times to judge and criticize myself. Maybe this is why I always strive to be different, unique, rebelling against the status quo. I’m turning 40 in a couple of weeks, and yet I feel like such an infant in life. Maybe life here is just one big cosmic joke…I don’t know.


  11. thank.....YOU

    scott, thank you for being my……FRIEND. and for taking me to OSH (PingPing love OSH!). i love…, PingPing the pretty white monkey


  12. That was funny!

    I know him personally, and he is crazy. Then, again, what better way to live!


  13. Feels like home

    I’m happy to be here, now and forever!


  14. Mazel Tov … Vhat a guy! Congratulations Scott – you made the LifeStory of the Week! (Somehow, I just knew you would.) Just want to say “Thanks” for letting me do your first (hopefully of many more) chapters. I’ve never had so much fun!

    Ilania Hofler

  15. Right on!

    OK, that totally made my day… That was the funniest video clip (great digital quality) I have seen in a while. When can we see more?


  16. You're So FUNNY

    You’re FUNNY….I laughed hard. Thanks, Ping Ping…Love,

    Alexandra Courtois

  17. Oy Vey Vhat a Life!

    What a great story of our friend, Scott. It shows only a part of what a great human being he is. You go, Scotty!

    Barbara Ramp

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