Rose Mitchnick

1918 - 2003


  1. I Miss You

    I wish that you were able to read this, but maybe you’re watching me as I type it. I miss you very much, I know that you are not my grandmother but in my heart I consider you as my grandma. You love me like I am allready part of the family. I’m not writing like it is the past because I know that you still do love me till this day, and I know deep in my heart I will always love you, and I will never forget you. You are a very wonderful woman, and you are the best grandma a child can have. I am very honored that I am going to be in your family, it means the world to me. I am very loved by you, mom, Da, and Jacob and I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s funny because me and mom went to dinner the other night and she started to tell me when she really started to love me and it was when I was helping her when you weren’t well. I wanted to break down but I think it would of looked kind of strange, me crying in the resturant. I know that mom loves me because I was there for her. I also helped because I love you and I love mom very much and I didn’t want her to go through stuff on her own. I don’t think anyone should go through hard things on their own, somebody that loves them should help them, it’s good to have someone with you when you are sad. I don’t know why, I just know it’s good!! Well, now to tell you about what’s going on around the house. Jake misses you very much. It’s so cute because he kisses your picture every morning before he goes to work. We have your picture right next to our bed. I wish that there was some way that we could see and talk to you again. That would be so wonderful if that could happen. I would also like to see and talk to my grandma. She is a very wonderful woman too, she raised me. I guess that’s why I am such a loving girl. I really miss her too. I wonder if you know who she is. I wish she had something online so I could write a message to her. Hopefully she’s watching over me. I love you and I will visit you again soon. I Love you Grandma Rose!!! Tell my grandma I said I love her if you ever meet her. Love always, Bingo


  2. You’ll be in my heart forever, and on my mind. I Love You Grammy.


  3. Good Bye, Rose

    I’m sorry I missed the service but I was glad for the time we spent together. You are a joy and probably entertaining everyone in heaven, Take care Rose, you will be missed by many.


  4. Grandma

    I’m really gonna miss you. I promise to watch over mom and Jakey. I’ll always be your Bingo. I Love You Grandma Rose.


  5. Mom

    I love you Mom


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