Napoleon Marlon Scott

1970 - 1999


  1. I love you forever! LOVE ME


  2. Its your B-day! wish you were here. Love me….


  3. Its almost your b-day! I miss you more and more. I am very sad that I can never see you again. You took me with you when you died. The joy of lving is just not here anymore knowing that your not alive bothers me to much . love me…


  4. I miss you everyday Napoleon. love me


  5. mon

    I love you


  6. For Napoleon Marlon Scott's Mother

    I was truly touched by your loving tribute to your son. A mother shouldn’t have to bury their children. I feel your anger and your sadness. For what the Doctors allowed to happen to your son, they will have to pay a karmic price, if not in this world, then in the Next. To paraphrase the lyrics of Steely Dan, I never met Napoleon, but I think I would have liked him if I had.Take care and be well.
    Rest in peace, Napoleon. God bless you.

    Scott L. Spencer

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