Michael Taylor

1948 - 2003


  1. Life

    WOW! Just watched the memory video again today. God is so good! You would be so proud of the Taylor clan. They are all doing so well. Your legacy will never die. Jalyn is going into his Jr year of High School and is finding his way. Joshua is going into the 8th grade and is the all star athlete. Isaiah is starting middle school and is such the actor. Mickey is growing so fast. The Taylor men are doing there best to make you proud. You spirit still lives on there each of them. The ladies are holding there own as well. Your baby girls are doing there thing. We miss you so much and pray for the day that we will all see you again.


  2. Merry Christmas

    HEllo daddy, today is a day that the lord has made. Just wanna let you know how things are on this side. I will be leaving for drill sergeant school soon. I have been thinking about Airborne school also. I pray ever night for our family, We are eating with mom tomorrow then we all are heading to Jr’s the next day for dinner. Just wanna say that I love you still. I know you are in heaven looking down at us smiling. Every once in a while reach out to all of us and say everything is alright. We will never forget the things that you inbedded in us. How to be leaders and not followers. Remember God is LOVE!!!! Hooah

    Sabin Taylor

  3. Up Late

    I celebrated my 36th birthday today with the family. Yesterday Nana made me some of her pasta with clams and lobster tails. I watched the memory video today with Sabin and Sabrina and it was as hard as the first time. By the way I have 3 children now (Jasmine, Marissa and Michael the 3rd. Dad I really miss you and I hope see you again. I love you dad. Jr

    Michael Jr

  4. Thinking of u

    Hey Micheal sorry I haven’t left u any messages before. Well I just figured I’d better stop by and show some lov. Everyone misses u take care.Chris


  5. Still missing you.

    Well its june 27th 2007 and I was sitting here thinking of you. You know this world is a mess down here. Praise God that you are in Heaven. You know that mom is still hurting and I can feel it in my heart. Is just, I don’t how to handle that. I know that I am there for her but I still am hurting on the inside as well. What do I do? I don’t know. J.R. doesn’t show his feeling to me or P.T. but as long as God know then he can fix the problem. Isaiah misses you very much. He asks about you all the time. Then there Sabrina who is really hurt, its hard to get her to talk about her problem but I’m trying. Just want to say that I love you still and miss you.


  6. Christmas

    Merry Christmas Papa. We love you very much. Hope you like the rose that we left for you from Grandma.We know that we will see you again one day.

    Jalyn & Joshua

  7. Papa

    We miss you so much. There is not a day that we do not think of you. We promise to do good in school. We love you and will see you again when God calls us home. Your Taylor Boys Jay N Josh.

    Jayln & Joshua

  8. Hi daddy

    Pray’s God for who he is. I know that you are up there looking over us from heaven and you are smiling at us. I miss you so much. I didn’t get a chance to say good bye to you but its never by I see you one day. I know you will be waiting at the Gate of heaven what a wonderful time it will be. I just so week evertime I think that you are not here,. I don’t know what to do anymore…Mom is doing ok it hurts her even more than anything. I’m trying to be strong for her but sometimes I don’t know how to do that. I love you…Sabin

    Sabin Taylor

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