Michael Edwards

1944 - 2003


  1. 19 Years, Missing You


    I can’t believe it’s been 19 years. That’s just crazy! We’ve lost Simon, Paul, and Barrie too. I’m sure you are all together making each other laugh. Beautiful Jade is now 20 years old. 20!!! This past year has been tough due to COVID-19 but we’ve all been together, so that’s a blessing. We miss you and wish you were here with us. Who knows, maybe you would have moved to the US by now. 🙂 Thinking of you! Sherri, Jade and I send you our love. xxx


  2. 10 Years

    Hi Dad. It’s been a decade since you left, but it seems much longer. It feels like forever since we last saw you. We miss you so much. It makes me so sad that you and Jade have missed out on all the memories you would have made together. I would have given anything for you to spend more time in her life, and I’m always sad that she won’t know you like she should have. She loves to sing and perform, and I’m sure you hear her every time she sings. You would have been so proud. She’s smart, funny, talented and beautiful. She’s everything we could have wished for. We’ll keep your memory alive through the videos and the notes we have from you, but nothing can replace you being on the other end of the phone, or coming to visit and spending time with her. And now you have Paul with you along with Simon. We’re also very sad for Barrie, Brenda and the family. But we know you’re all looking over us and having fun together. We love you so much, and miss you more. Thoughts of you are always near. xxx


  3. Thinking of You

    Dad, it’s been 9 years since we lost you, but you are in our thoughts always. I just watched your video again and it made me smile and cry. Jade has become a little lady at 10 years old. She’s funny and smart. I know you look down on her with pride, but I wish she had more time to know you. We have a beautiful house now, and you would love the garden that Sherri has made for us – it looks just like an English country garden. Please keep watching over us all and keep us safe. We love you and miss you so much. xxx


  4. Thoughts of You

    Dad, we’re always thinking of you and wishing you were here to see Jade growing. She’s getting so big now. 4 and a half and wearing a size 6/7! And she never stops talking… You would just love speaking to her on the phone. My heart breaks that you missed that, and that she missed you when she could have enjoyed you most. Of course, we needed you here for us too, but it’s Jade that I feel the most sorry for. I see reports on the news all the time of people living until they are 70, 80, 90 years old and I get so upset. Why were you only given 57 years? It makes me so sad for our family. I’m happy that you enjoyed your life so much and you did what you wanted to do… at least you didn’t miss out on anything (except the Mercedes!). We love you and miss you. I promise to keep your memory strong with Jade. You’d be so proud of your little Tinkerbelle! XXX


  5. You

    Merry Christmas Michael. I hope that this eve and day are something that is celebrated in Heaven. In fact I’m sure it is. We miss you so much and wish that you could be here sharing a Christmas with us and Jade. You’d be so proud of her as she is funny and smart and ever so clever for a girl of almost 4. You both would be sharing so many laughs. It is still unbelieveable that you are gone and so short of time after my own Mum’s passing. Who would have ever known or guessed that you would leave us one year to the month after her. And now Simon is with you as well. Although we know that you are so very happy where you are (you’d have to be..right?), the pain is still here for us. Simon was only 37, but atleast he has you, his uncle, with him. Watch over us Michael and be sure to tell my mum how much I love and miss her.Love you.


  6. Thinking of You Dad

    Your Ground Force episode came on the other day… It seems like only yesterday, but it’s been 6 years. We miss you so much. We miss being able to talk to you, and it makes us so sad that Jade won’t have you around as we know that you would have appreciated her so much. We feel sad for both her and you that you’ll both miss out on so much from each other. We know that you watch over her, and we’re so glad that we have the videos and the photos that we have of you that we can pass on to her, but there’s nothing like having Granddad here with her. She would have loved your stories about all things “English.” I’ll try to teach her what I think you would have wanted her to know about her heritage… I hope I can make you proud of me as a father. I love you Dad and I miss you so much. I wish we hadn’t been so far away, but I’m glad you saw Jade and got to hold her a few times before you left us. We’re always thinking of you. Love always…


  7. Missing you

    We miss you so very much. I hate that Jade only knows you by a picture, but we find comfort that she does talk about you and pretends to talk with you on her toy phone. You’re always with us.


  8. A Letter to my Grand Daughter

    Michael wrote this email to Jade on 2/1/02 right after her 1st birthday. I have often thought about his choice of words and found them very poignant since his passing on March 9, 2002.***************************************
    Mummy has asked me to explain a little more about my family relationship to Peter Pan.
    Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.
    Once upon a time,long long ago a very nice man named William, and beautiful lady named
    Emily, met and married, It was just like a Fairy Story and one day Emily said to William,
    “If we are lucky enough to ever have children of our own, we will chose there name’s from
    a Fairy Story.
    As time passed, they had three children the first born was a boy, and having just read the book Peter Pan. Emily loved it so much, she had no doubt that he should be named after
    the author, J.M.BARRIE. And so William and Emily named this little boy BARRIE.
    Three more years passed, untill the were blessed with another child.
    This time a girl was born, remembering the story William and Emily named this little girl
    WENDY. They were so happy, but thought one more child would make there family complete. And so it came to be, a third child was born to William and Emily.
    Another boy, and so once again this child’s name would be taken from the book Emily and
    William loved so much, this is why the name MICHAEL was chosen for this little boy.
    The story is about a little boy who did not want to grow up, I will not spoil it for you by telling you any more as one day I know mummy and daddy will read it to you, and you never can tell maybe, just maybe, one day I will be lucky enough to be able to read this story to you myself. The only other thing I will tell you, is in the story is a magic fairy who’s name is TINKERBELL.
    So as your Grandpa how do I know all this? And how doe’s it fit in with our family history,
    well William and Emily are your GREAT GRANPARENT’S.
    BARRIE. Is your GREAT UNCLE. and WENDY. Is your GREAT AUNT. And that just leave’s
    MICHAEL. What became of him?
    Well he grew up and had a child of his own, a son his name is DEAN. Who also grew up and married SHERRI. They had a child of there own, and that child is YOU.
    Well, JADE, in the real world you have to have a proper name, but to me GRANDPA MICHAEL. You will always be my TINKERBELL.

    Grandpa Michael

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