Julia Melnikov

1973 - 2004


  1. the line from the song...

    it did not appear on the posted message. The line that appeared was:I’m gone-gone but still living
    Life goes on without a beating heart


  2. I miss your Light

    Often I think of you–and suddenly your name appears— on a book on a shelf, or on a random email search. It’s like you drop by to say hello sometimes. I think of you when the sun shines through the leaves, when the sky is blue and pure, I think of you whenever I think of Light.And the other day, as my heart was filled with the sadness of your departure, some lyrics appeared on my computer— “Free” from Steevie Wonder
    and the line in front of my eyes was :
    We all miss you so much. Thank you for sharing your light with us. I still hear your laughter. It sang like a child’s.


  3. Julia

    I’m so sorry for your loss. She was very beautiful and you both looked so very happy together. I’m sorry.


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