Jimmy Bangley


  1. Friendship

    Words can never express what you mean to me. You were one of the only people who made me feel good about myself. You stood by me no matter what and I miss you more than I thought possible. It is hard to not have you to share things with that only you understood. Thanks for being my friend. You added so much joy to my life. As you always said, I love you more. Oh, Chicken is fine. He and I have Belinda to lean on. She is amazing. I don’t want to close this but can’t see the screen those tears, you know. I love you, more. Jane

    Jane O'Connor Smith

  2. My Best Friend

    Dearest Jimmy —
    I never got the chance to say good-bye to you, my kind, talented, funny, gracious and extraoridnary best friend. Words cannot express the deep, deep grief I feel at your sudden loss. You are not only the reason why I came to work at Hollywood Forever, but you were my big brother, my confidante, my beloved pal and an integral part of my life for almost 20 years … I will never forget our last conversation — as I was bringing the forgotten and neglected cremains of one of your favorite movie stars to our cemetery for a long overdue memorial — and how proud you were of this historial moment. And me. You taught me the importance of preserving the legacy of Hollywood’s Silent and Golden Ages long before I arrived here and your passion for all things sublime enriched my life. I will also never, never forget your final cell phone message to me and its consuming concern for my boyfriend’s beloved friend, Jeff, who is succumbing to AIDS — someone you had met just once but knew was important to me … I love you, Jimmy. Like I said in my good-bye letter, I expect you to be waiting for me when my time comes — with open arms and that big, heartwarming smile. Life can never be fully complete for me anymore until that happens … Farewell, dearest friend. Farewell for now …

    Michael Roman

  3. Always In My Heart

    Jimmy, not a day goes by i don’t think of you & wish i could hear your voice. I cherish all the times we had together & your kind, & loving spirit is still with me & always will be. It was you that brought out all the good sides of me so forever i will be grateful. Couldn’t have asked for a better friend through good & bad times & you always brought a smile to everyone you touched. What a wonderful tribute we have now of you & it’s so fitting seeing what you gave all of us in our lives so now this is for you my friend. I love you Jimmy & one day i will see you again, but until that time i hope you & my father take care of each other.


  4. Oh Dear, is right!!

    Jimmy, I drove by your apartment tonight, even dialed your number again. Can’t help but think of you, especially when I go to L.A. – tonight I had to pull over and cry,cry,cry. I want you back, Jimmy Bangley. So lucky to have known you in this lifetime. You were such a lovely person. Thank you for all you’ve given me. I love you always, my friend. Good bye for now- hope to see you on the otherside someday.

    Victoria Hansch

  5. I miss you already...

    Dear Jimmy,I’m speechless…it doesn’t seem real that you are gone. Who will I call to do my interviews? Who will I refer when someone is searching for information on Crawford, Lamar, Striesand and Davis? Who will ever give me the Hollywood education that you have passed my way? Who will ever appreciate an Elizabeth Taylor Q-tip as much as you? Thank you for your many dedicated years at Star Wares and for your never ending unconditional friendship. I can’t imagine going on without you…but I have a whole new look on heaven when my time comes. I love you…I miss you and you will NEVER be forgotten! There are too many Jimmy-isms out there for that to happen.
    With great love, Marcia

    Marcia Tysseling

  6. My Brother Jimmy

    I’m so full of emotion right now I can hardly type. Jimmy, it’s going to be so hard knowing I will never receive another phone call from you. Life will never be the same. I love you so much and so proud that you are my brother. I know I will see you again some day. This website has torn my nerves up, but it’s so good to see this tribute. Love, Your Baby Sister

    Mary Ann

  7. Good Heavens!

    I met Jimmy a few years ago while visiting friends in LA. I only knew him briefly and for a few years, but Jimmy was one of those people that touched my life in a way i’ll never forget. He always made me laugh and made you feel so incredibly warm & fuzzy whenever around him. His smile and boisterous laugh will truly be missed….

    Ketty Rugh

  8. What a glorious tribute! I’m sure he was just a treasure in life! On to that big star in the sky! May you have wonderful and dear memories of Jimmy always.


  9. You Will Be Missed

    Dear Jimmy –
    What a thrill to know you the time I did. The laughter, the charisma – the wit. Irreplaceable. You were a Hollywood original, and that’s an understatement. I hope you were looking down with delight at the outpouring of love at your Memorial Service today. It warmed our hearts, through tears and laughter today, to see how we were all gathered there on this rainy Saturday in Hollywood, all of us interwoven solely because of you.
    You added a great deal of zest and heartfeltness to the past five Valentino Memorial Services, and along with everything else, including your kindnesses to me, I will cherish our discussions about the Valentino Memorial as well as your favorite silent stars Mae Murray, and Barbara LaMarr. Your joy was infectious, and we are the lesser for your having left us all too soon. May the good Lord bless and keep you always We thank Him for sharing you with us for 48 years. YOU WILL BE MISSED.
    Tracy Ryan Terhune

    Tracy Ryan Terhune


    GOD be with you Jimmy on this last and most important journey you are on.It was a pleasure to have known you and that wit of yours. You will be missed. Please say hi to Valentino for me.I hope you are both up there doing a tango.Rest in peace my friend.Love Stella Grace

    Stella Grace

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