Edward Lee Bredekamp

1965 - 2002


  1. I Never met him or talked to him, I Never spoke to anyone close to him. I Got here accidantly.And once in a while I come back, watch this and cry, although I didn’t know the beauty of the inner edward..
    But he must have been special for someone, beacause this tribute made a stranger cry.
    In respectfull memory of Edward.


  2. sorry

    sorry to hear that your loved one died, he semed like a cool guy. i really like your house.i know it was last year bu it’s the thought that counts.
    RIP mate


  3. What happend…… Is there a story??


  4. Hi

    I just want to say that I am sorry for your loss, it said that he was only 37 when he passed on. I think the house is awesome and the Barbie is sweet! E-mail me back when you have a chance! Thanx


  5. beautiful

    i’d just like to say what you’ve done here is very well put together, and simply.. beautiful. the choice of song couldnt be better either. i’d wouldnt mind knowing the name of it. i’m sure you were a great person Edward…rest in peace.


  6. * * *

    Your tribute was very beautiful. Though I know not either of you. You have my deepest sympathies…watching it almost made ME cry! Its useless to tell you I understand,… how could anyone? Only with the bonds we share with our loved ones can we feel the hurt and the endless void they have left behind…this I do know… take care….


  7. I don’t even know where to begin. Our paths have only crossed a few times. Edward posted some truly gorgeous photos on an erotic LJ community. Of course I visited your pages at that time. By some coincidence I found you again tonight. Much to my sadness, this is the first I hear of Edward’s passing. The two of you seemed to live your lives to their fullest. Take comfort in that you fulfilled each other in life. Allow yourself to live on in his memory. Live the way you lived with him. I doubt he would want it any other way.xoxo


  8. ...

    A long while ago, I found the website of the GothHouse and perused it with intense interest. Even though I have never met or correspondence with either of you, I understand your loss. You have my condolences at this time.

    Sarah Rose

  9. Deepest Condolences

    Lynn: i hope you will remember us – Nina and Michelle from Canada, we met at the PBP2002 and had a great time and i sent you all those pics of us and you and Edward in your makeup that Dayne did. My god, i am speechless, our thoughts, prayers and you guys are in our hearts. I tried to email you but it keeps coming back. I hope you didn’t move, i will send you a proper sympathy card in the mail. If you ever want to talk or anything, email me and i will give you my phone number. Again, our deepest sympathies go out to you in this much needed time. Please remember, strength in numbers. You have a lot of friends out there that care about you! All my best! Nina

    Nina Moreland

  10. Beautiful

    A beautiful tribute. It was a privelege to know Edward, even so briefly.


  11. sympathy

    i only met the two of you at gothcon 2002 in new orleans, briefly. i am so sorry to hear of you loss. myss prynne, be strong, and find comfort in your happy memories of your beloved. kindred souls are reunited beyond the lives we know. may edward be at peace, and may you find strength through your period of mourning.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    dana blue

  12. Crying for someone I never met

    Prynne,I am crying for someone I have never met, and feel a huge sense of loss for you and your beloved Edward. I follwed your lives vicariously through your website; admiring the GothHouse, reading the journel and the beautiful pictures of you both. I always wanted to meet you, but never had the oppertunity. Tonight, I ventured back to the website, only learn of this terrible, tragic news. I do not know what happened, but I mourn for you both. I feel like I have lost someone in my own life and fathom at the unbearable tragedy you have been delt. I can only say, and cheap words the are at that, that some amount of peace may be gievn to you Prynne. I cannot imagine your pain. I am so sorry for your loss, please know that my thoughts are with you both. I hope at some point you will be reunited, in another time and place, for you seemed very much in love.
    My most sincere, tear-soaked, and prayer-wrought condolances.


  13. May you rest comfortably...

    We never had the pleasure of meeting ~ though I followed your lives, Edward & his life’s love ..I believe that if we have we would have been friends. Something about the way that he held you and looked at you in the many pictures that I have viewed of the two of you together told me of the great love and respect that he had for you. I am terribly sorry for the pain that you are in and will be in all likelihood for a long time until you two are joined together once again….my words are small, my heart and mind hope that you can hear them..be safe and well.


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