Eddy Monroy

1986 - 2006


  1. It’s weird to say “hey “ knowing I won’t get a response .
    Hey .
    I hope you and George are well .
    Usually , or sometimes I wonder how things are for you on the other side and then a few days later you’ll appear in a dream . With that big cheesy smile . I wake up feeling better knowing it’s a sign your ok . Atleast that’s what I tell myself .
    Today you’ve been on my mind . More than usual . Googling your case or images is the only way for me to see you or gain clarity on a situation I can’t change . The memories i have are of the only love I knew to be real . Always wanting to go back in time . Even thru our hardest moments . I wanted to say that life was never the same after you . Thank you for being a part of my life … Thank You for the love and forgiveness . Thank you for the connection we shared . I love and miss you always . Til next time .


  2. hello bro

    hey i am sorry i am lil late to wish u a happy birthday but u are in my heart also in my sons all the time by eddie i love u


  3. hello

    hey it;s me again just wanted to say that we miss u and ur lil sis needs u at this moment very much she is kind of lost side tracked by her friends but one thing i never told u was thank u for looking after my son so i just wanted to say it now eddy miss u and we luv u


  4. hey

    hey it is me don’t think that i forgot u i have not just a lil busy with the kidsi think of u alot with jacob and all and now that x-mas is just around the corner i now this time last year u spent ur time with jacob in disneyland running after him i know part of me knows that jocob wonders what happened to u because one day he see’s u and then the next day u are not there any more but in a way am glad jocob is still young he will always now who u where but like that it will not affect him as much but to him u will always be his foo alright i write bak soon enough luv u


  5. hey

    hello there i hope george is lookng down at us and so are u is he being good hahah just telling u guys that we miss u guys sometimes i cal and expect u to answer the phone hahah i tinl am losing it sometimes


  6. hi eddy

    hey how are u, it’s a lil wierd ne writing and no answer in return but ok i wanted to say hi and that jacob is going carzy and even more bad but he has ur attitude hahah and no thats not a good thing but it is funny but just keep looking down at ur nephew and family hey it won’t hurt to keep an eye out on me and the people u love alright so talk to u later


  7. hello

    hey eddy what can i say that you don’t already now but guide dasiy, she is lost with out you, i told her when ever she feels sad to huge jacob and probly she might feel a lil better. bt eddy jacob is getting big already and cutier but beleive me my son is going to be like you a lady’s man even if there older then him plus he has that monroy smile big and beautiful and heart warming. take care we miss you love jacob


  8. Brother

    HEY BROTHER!! how are you and ALEX are doing?? well what can i say..time gone by so quickly and i MISS you and ALEX ALOT its not the same..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i wish you could be here to see JACOB he is growing so quickly and running all over the place…well i hope you and alex are doing good and me and damillet and jacob mom and dad love you guys very much and that we pray for guyz you will always will be in my heart..LOVE TRULY YOUR BROTHER, DAVID MONROY


  9. hi eddy

    sorry it’s late but happy b-day tell george the same thing i forgot to write that to him well eddy i think of you often and god nows my baby jacob misses you and every one else as well as alex my son misses his uncle and daddy well put in a good word for me when god wants me but not any time soon ok i got kids to raise bye eddy love us

    melanie and jacob

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