Dwayno Spencer

1980 - 2003


  1. Happy Father's Day son

    Lord knows, I miss you terribly, life has not been the same with you not being here.your children are all grown up. I just wanted to say,I love you with all my heart forever more.there is not a day that goes by that you are in my thoughts and you are alive thru your children,I will morn you until I join you.gone from this side call life but you will never be forgotten. RIH my Nickolas. Happy heavenly father day,you have a beautiful grand son keondre Spencer Jr..aka KJ.may GOD bless your son my love

    Doris Stone

  2. Missing you

    Just wanted to take a moment out of my day today to let you know you are gone but you will never be forgotten. Yea as the years go by it doesn’t get any easier, but I know that you are in a better place now and you don’t have to run any more. I’m going to continue to celebrate your birthday so no one will ever forget you. Your legacy will still live through you kids. I luv you and I miss you dearly.

    your baby sis Shonta

  3. loving u always

    how u doin?im doin fine if your asking.i miss u so much and everyone else.like shon,quin,winkie,lil twon,brasha girl,aunt meka, grandma,bigmama,grangran,kyi. kyrion is realted to your name.y mama is missing u to.my mama got a new baby boy his name is tyrese. everybody is missing u.papa is missing u to. u know somtimes i cry beause i want to see u.

    daddys little girl

  4. missing you dearly

    I miss you something very terrible .your’e in the bosom of our FATHER GOD.your’e in good hands. I’ll see you when i get there. love always mom


  5. Gone but not forgoten

    In Praise of Dwayno Antwon SpencerBy. Willie Hill Jr. “See you when I get there”
    When tomorrow starts without me
    and I’m not there to see,
    if the sun should rise and find your eyes,
    all filled with tears for me!
    I wish to much you wouldn’t cry,
    the way you did that day,
    while thinking of the many things,
    we didn’t get to say!
    I know how much you Love me,
    as much as I Love you
    and each time you think of me,
    I know you’ll miss me too!
    But when tomorrow starts without me,
    please try to understand,
    that an Angel came and called my name
    and took me by the hand!
    He said my place was ready,
    in Heaven far above,
    then he told me I’d have to leave behind,
    all those I dearly Love!
    But as I turned to walk away,
    a tear fell from my eye,
    for all my life, I’d always thought,
    I didn’t want to die!
    I had so much to live for,
    so much yet to do,
    it seemed almost impossible,
    that it was my time to leave you!
    I thought of all the yesterdays,
    the good ones and the bad,
    I thought of all the love we shared
    and all the fun we’ve had!
    If I could re-live yesterday,
    just for a little while,
    I’d say good-bye and kiss you
    and maybe see you smile.
    And when I thought of all the things,
    that I would miss come tomorrow,
    I thought of you…my family & friends
    and my heart was filled with sorrow!
    But when I walked through heavens gates,
    I felt so much at home,
    when God looked down on me with a smile,
    from his great golden throne.
    He said, “Son, this is eternity
    and all I’ve promised you.”
    Today you life on earth is past,
    but here it starts a-new.
    I promise no tomorrow,
    but today will always last
    and since each day is the same,
    there’s no longing for the past.
    He said, “You have been so faithful,
    so trusting and so true,
    though there were times you did some things,
    you knew you shouldn’t do.
    But you have been forgiven and now at last you are free,
    so won’t you take my hand and share your life with me!
    So when tomorrow starts without me,
    don’t think we are ever apart,
    because every time you think of me,
    I’ll be right there in your heart!
    In loving memory
    Dwayno Antwon Spencer

    Willie Hill Jr

  6. Missing

    I didn’t get to tell you anything before you left. But I really do love you and miss you dearly. I wanted to tell you I’m fixing to have a baby I’m naming her Myrajah Desh Jonae Rankin. I’m sad you aren’t going to get to meet her but you will some day. We have been through a lot as we grew up. You taught me a lot of things I will never forget. We were like twins. Nothing in this world could tear us a part. Now you are not here I’m lost. No one to talk to, I know you watch over me that is always the same but I can’t here your voice. I I miss you and love you dearly. Meka

    Your Baby sister Meka

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