Celia Arlene Sida

1963 - 2012


  1. How I Miss You

    Dear Tia Arlene,
    i know your up there looking down on me 😔 i remember when i used to his under your bed and you used to say “what do you wantttt maryyyy” and we used to laugh together. I also remember you and your ear plugs so you wouldn’t hear our nonsense 🥺 I love you and miss you so much tia . 😭 it breaks my heart knowing that you had to go so early in life. 💔 I will never forget you tia i love you and miss you !💝😔 ~ mary your niece (the bugg)


  2. Brother

    Thank you Hollwood forever in putting this pictorial together or whomever did duly noted…fpr all to see. In Loving memory Raul Sida Jr.

    Raul Sida Jr. (Brother)

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