Carlos Vogel

1975 - 2004


  1. ❤️

    I think of you often it’s been so many years but you will always have a place in my heart!! When everything is crazy in my moments of silence and meditation I talk to you often! Forever in my heart. Xoxo Liz


  2. I miss you.

    I miss you big bro. I wish I could’ve had more time. I love you ..


    Daniel Galan

  3. Friend

    I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner Carlitos. You were always such a good friend. You always protected me like a brother did. Thank you for all the amazing memories. I will always keep you and your family in my prayers.


  4. Child hood friends

    What’s up my boi …it’s Bobby just sitting here thinking about our child hood n friendship through out the yrs I can’t believe it’s been 15 yrs since your passing your never forgotten my boi all the good times we had and laughter nothing but good times your god daughter is big now she’s 21 yrs old .now she has grown to a young adult my boi’s been a long time …….one day we will see each other in heaven ….rest in peace Carlos ….like I said your never forgotten always in the heart ……….your child hood friend …Bobby ( green eyes)

    Bobby Estrada

  5. still thinking of you

    I know you’re here watching over me. I can feel it. I miss you! I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there when you needed someone. It weighs heavily on my heart…. I was too young and too dumb. It’s been 11 years almost and I still think of you, I still lose sleep over you, and I still move forward because of you. You believed in me, long before I believed in myself. I appreciate that you saw the innocence and beauty that I longed to see in myself. I wish you would have stayed with me… I have needed you, I need you now. I look for you because you made me feel safe, appreciated, intelligent, and loved. The memories will remain. xoxoxo Liz


  6. alfonso vogel

    we miss you. …we Love you and remember you everyday

    alfonso vogel

  7. alfonso vogel

    we miss you. …we Love you and remember you everyday

    alfonso vogel

  8. alfonso vogel

    Happy birthday son

    alfonso vogel

  9. Missing you

    Ultimamente has estado en mis pensamientos mas de lo normal, veo tus fotos y todavia pienso que no puede ser que te hayas ido. Sé que algún día nos volveremos a ver y pasaremos momentos tan divertidos como cuando eramos niños. Le doy gracias a Dios por haberte dejado set parte de mi vida y de mi familia. Te quiero y te extraño

    Ana Laura Chivardi

  10. Many years have passed but somehow it still feels like I lost you yesterday. The place you earned in my heart remains yours eternally. I wonder if my life will ever be as beautiful, fulfilling, as adventurous as it was when I was with you. I move on but somehow I relive memories, moments, thoughts… I know that you are with me every step of the way. I can still hear you singing while riding in the car and laughing as if you were here.I can see you knodding your head and giving me that silly smirk. Random situations make me think of you and you probably wouldn’t have had it any other way. Love always, Liz


  11. Thinking of you...

    I was just listening to the song I’d always play for you. Lil’ Troy’s jam “Wanna be a baller.” I know you remember–that was our anthem! It’s 3:32am and once again I had to view your Tribute and cry and get angry and feel life cheated you, but robbed me. I’m pissed the f#%k off. You should be here!!!!! I still call your cell to hear your voice, I just can’t believe or accept. I’ve never hurt more. I wish I could’ve been there. I road hard for you, man. You were my boy, my heart, my joy, my best friend, my brother from a another wonderful mother. We caused trouble and NEVER apologized for it. You’re were my blood, Carlos. And not even death will separate or dissapate my love and YOUR HONOR. I’m getting a tattoo in the memory of your life, not death. You’ll be right next to my mother, as you are in heaven. I’m a strong woman but your absence breaks and weakens me when I’m confined to my own solitude. I can’t talk about you much without wanting to cry tears of blood from my aching spirit. So I keep it to a minimum–in true gangster fashion.I love you. F$%k all the haters, takers and b%&*hes, who never meant a dame thing. You were too good then as you are now. In my eyes you could never have done wrong. Even when asked, my loyalty is and will always remain to the most intricate fibers in my heart– those woven by YOU! You made all my birthday’s worth celebrating. You took care of me when I was deathly ill (I’ll never forget). You looked out for me, always. So your memory will always live, so long as I’m breathing. I remember you calling me and me being out of state but I called you back and left a message. Had I known. Had I known. I could’ve made it better. Know that not even I couldn’t change *** mind. I wanted to make everything better. I just couldn’t. I miss you. I love you.


  12. BirthdayToast! 2008

    It’s almost your birthday and I’m thinking of you. I love you and miss you. There is still a tremendous void to fill but I look forward to seeing the same light that now shines over you. I miss grandma, Barbara, your kids and your mom. I miss the family parties and the sound of a mariachis playing for our birthday’s. I miss your laughter. I miss your long braid. Most of all, I miss our friendship. Who would’ve thought life to be so cruel. To take the only soul that shined from earth. I still feel robbed and empty but I keep smiling in true ryder fashion. I toast to your birthday and life. Even in death your life still shines in my heart. I hope your living in the warm light God intended. I love you.


  13. Memories

    I spent most of my day thinking of you… I miss you!


  14. I miss you

    Thoughts of you cross my mind endlessly. I miss you. There’s an emptiness in my heart… my own selfishness… because I know you are in a better place. It has taken me years to find the strength in my heart to search for you but I know you were always there. I miss you… hugs & kisses, liz


  15. Thinking of you.

    Carlos I Miss You. This is no way to put it, mask it or word it, I just do. I celebrated yet another birthday without you, it was bittersweet. I listened mariachi and made me think of all the times in which we heard mariachi together, it only made me wish you were there. Happy Belated Father’s Day! I know your kids are missing all the wonderful joys of having you be a special part of their lives. I miss you so much. I view your montage each time I log on and it never fails to make me cry. You were a great part of my life and I can’t wait to see you again within the light of the Lord where I know you will be. I Love You Brother!


  16. Fathers day

    Dad Happy Fathers day.. Well dad i miss alot it hurts to know that ur gone. But i think ur not in my hart i know ur still with me in my hart. But one day i will be up there with you.


  17. Always thinking of you. I miss you. I love you.


  18. My angel, far from home, but always close to me. I miss you greatly. Losing you has been one the hardest things to cope with, I lost my only TRUE friend. No one could ever understand our bond, but no one needed to, we knew what we meant to one another and that was all that ever really mattered. I wish I could take back all the pain and sorrow that you had to endure, but I guess you can’t gain, unless you first learn to lose. You were too good for this world, anyway. I always thought of you as a guardian angel, now at least I can rest assure knowing that you’ve earned your wings. I thought of you on Father’s Day, I said a prayer and congratulated you from afar. I miss you and I Love You. May God’s light shine brightly.


  19. My guarding angel

    Now that your gone I feel lonely knowing that I’m not going to see you agin and even joke around with you like we just to. But even though your not here with us your always in our hearts.Specially in my because every day that I see my little girl is like looking at you.Every birthday I celebrate for my little boy I’ll be celebrating yours too because thats the same day you angels were born.Carlos I love you and your always going to be in our hearts

    Leslie Vogel

  20. MISS



  21. Father's Day 06-19-05

    I wanted to send you a little message on Father’s Day. I thought of you on this special day (as always) and missed you dearly. I only wish that you were here, so that you could feel the unconditional love of your growing children. I know that you embrace them
    from where you stand- stronger and more beautiful than ever. I miss you, Bro. You were my soldier. Your cellular number remains programmed in mine, as if you were simply one phone call away. Still my heart bleeds in mourning. I send you my love on this day and everyday that follows.
    Love and eternal light, Jennifer.


  22. Your Essence

    The emptiness left by your absence is one that will ache inside me, forever. I will always look towards the light and remember the beauty and kindness within your eyes. I always felt the need to protect you, as you felt the need to protect me. I hope that the moment you left this world, you left knowing, no pain, no fear and no resentment. My consolation is that I know that You where much too good for this world. I also know that you now exist in a place where you are untouchable and eternal, in both heaven and in our hearts. You were my heart, my bestfriend and the brother I never had. To know you and to have shared a part of your life has made me complete. I close my eyes and I can still hear your voice. Nothing and no one compares to you. The memories will have to do for now. In time, we shall meet again and relive the glorious moments of our beloved friendship. El recuerdo de las luz de tus ojos alumbrara nuestro camino por siempre.


  23. my brother

    hey bro i miss you soooo much!!!i wish you were here .Every one missis you alot i hope you arte ok.

    alexis vogel

  24. hi

    hi dad miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much wish my sisi was here i saw your video it mad me cry loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  25. love

    dad i miss you i wish you were here now why you live ever one is doing good dad. love alot daady

    son mathew

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