Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer

1927 - 1959

He was freckled. He was squeaky-voiced. He had an uncontrollable cowlick. And, he had an irrepressible personality. When you think of Alfalfa, the images conquer the imagination, and the joy is unconfined. His Our Gang appearances have made him an unforgettable part of film history, and his is a story that is packed with adventures, with more than its share of difficulty.

Carl Dean Switzer was born on August 8, 1927, in Paris, Illinois, to George and Gladys Switzer. Carl had an older brother, Harold Frederick Switzer, who would also work in films with his little brother. The two boys created quite a sensation, singing at auctions and various functions near their parents’ farm in Illinois. One time, when visiting their grandparents in California, Carl and Harold decided to try their luck at auditioning for Hal Roach’s popular Our Gang series. However, the boys had some difficulty getting onto the studio grounds without a pass. So, the two stood outside the commissary, and amidst the midday lunch crowd, starting singing. The commotion caught the attention of Hal Roach, who instantly secured the boys for the current Our Gang comedy, the aptly titled 1935 short, Beginner’s Luck.His first nickname in the Gang was Hayseed. But, it was Alfalfa that stuck. And, within a few weeks, Alfalfa had established himself as a formidable talent, a dynamic combination of personality and talent. His perfect handling of dialogue was combined with a most unique penchant for singing. He gave a new meaning to every song he sang.

Alfalfa’s country roots definitely influenced his first appearances in Our Gang films. Soon, however, he took on a different persona, as a slick, wisecracking kid, with a typical costume of a three-piece suit, necktie, and fedora hat. His singing style evolved, as well. He strayed away from the hillbilly, country boy tunes, opting for the unlikely role of crooner. This was so ironic, and so comically brilliant, because his unpredictably squeaky voice quickly made a romantic ballad something of a comedy romp.

Alfalfa appeared in 61 Our Gang comedies from 1935 through 1940. And, the images are indelible: his comic antics with Spanky, his romantic entanglements with Darla, his rivalry with Butch, and his love affair with the movie-going public. Truly, his character had impact, and his screen image in the Our Gang films will cement his immortality.

As happens with all child actors, eventually, there came a point when Alfalfa became too mature, in voice and appearance, to continue with the Our Gang series. He made his final appearance in a short called Kiddie Kure in 1940. He wanted to continue acting, but encountered the difficult reality of typecasting. People thought of him as that irrepressible youngster who sang with a squeak and had a chunk of hair standing up on end. They were hesitant to think of him as an adult – and this caused a great deal of frustration for Alfalfa, who had no end of challenges finding work. He had plenty of bit roles, in such films as State of the Union and Pat and Mike, both with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, My Favorite Blonde with Bob Hope, and a series geared around The Gas House Kids, which reunited him with fellow Our Ganger Tommy “Butch” Bond. Alfalfa also had a cameo in one of the most famous movies of all time: the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

However, try as he could, Alfalfa could never eclipse the shadow of Our Gang. It must have been a huge disappointment to him, and his fellow child performers, to have to remain perpetual teenagers, and not be accepted in the normal process of growing up. Add to this the fact that any producers that he wanted a job from would always ask him to sing off key for them. It was a tremendous source of frustration. Alfalfa had to balance this with the reality of needing an income – he supplemented his occasional acting jobs by tending bar and serving as a big-game hunting and fishing guide in Northern California.

As the 1950s came to a close, tragic events unfolded in Alfalfa’s life. Alfalfa was married, and was quickly divorced. His former wife remarried, and raised their son without telling him who his real father was. In January 1958, Alfalfa was shot and wounded by an unknown assailant who was never caught. Then, on January 21, 1959, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer was shot to death in an argument over a $50 debt owed him by his former partner in the big-game hunting business. The slaying, which took place at 10400 Columbus Avenue in the San Fernando Valley, was ruled a justifiable homicide, since it was alleged that Alfalfa had threatened the other man with a knife. It was a sad and tragic ending to a life that had brought such joy to so many. Alfalfa was just 31 years old at the time of his death.

We who are fans choose to remember not the conflict and the hardships, but the happiness and enjoyment that emanated from the life of Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer. We recall, with smiles and laughter, the comedy of Our Gang, knowing that these talented youngsters, headed for so long by wacky Alfalfa, will remain legends in the world of cinema, forever.


  1. "Colonel"

    I was just abt a toddler during my kindergarten years when TV was first introduced in B/W (1957)in my birth country of Singapore and just 2,5 yrs after waking up from a coma that watching The Little Rascals was my only most loved, most chuckled series of tv movies back in the late 50s. It was the start of my colorful but mischievious years to come and like Alfalfa & Darla, I found love too at 7-yrs with my 1st sweetheart who was my classmate. I’ll never forget Spanky either nor Petie… memories of you all & Butch as well lives on in my heart forever.🥳🕺😎🇳🇱🤙

    Desmond Lechner

  2. Fan

    You are still with us in our hearts!! ♥️


  3. Our Gang Little Rascals

    I grew up watching the little Rascals known from Our Gang, I’ve seen every episode many,many times and laugh every time I watch them, alfalfa, spanky Darla, butch, Time and let’s not forget the black eyed dog,and some who also made me laugh,, it was a joy us time in my life and will always remember them, they keep me young thinking back in time about all the fun and laugh s the show brought to me, it’s a shame over fifty dollars alfalfa’s life was taken, what a shame,,I will always remember them in my ❤️ heart, what a joy it has been to have the privilege of watching the TV show little Rascals, may they all rest in peace, love you all forever, your greatest fan ever, Charles ricki Headden from keyport, New Jersey

    Charles Headden

  4. You were a Supreme Talent

    Tomorrow, August 7th is your 95th birthday. We hope others will remember what a great talent you were and realize that your life was cut short needlessly. You should have had an easier life, but Hollywood is not kind to anyone, including child actors. You were very real and one of the few who showed great comedic gifts. We will never forget you and your dear brother. M


  5. You were the greatest

    Alfalfa, I have been a very big fan of yours since the first time I saw you on TV more than 40 years ago. You have been and always will be my favorite Little Rascal!


  6. I got to see his head stone. At the cemetery gift shop you can purchase a map (guide) to the famous who are buried there. His head stone was small and I needed help finding him. A picture of a dog is on it. Rudolph Valentino, Estelle Getty, Mel Blanc, Judy Garland, Joey Ramon’s, Mickey Rooney and so much more are there. You need several hours to go through and see them. So amazing! I loved Rascals!!!


  7. funniest boy

    carl alfaifa swizer it was a great chrild star he had a good carror in making movies god bless you
    carl alfaifa swizer
    you are new fan from paultaylor


  8. not right

    you were one of the funniest lil Rascals ever it wasnt right you were taken so young over a stupid bet least i was told & that man didnt pay for his crime its just not right you will be forever missed!!


  9. My Favorite

    Words can`t express the immense love I have for this guy. Carl, to this day has been misunderstood by the media. They have done nothing but flame this delightful character actor. Many half-truths have been said about him. I`m an avid collector of his work, not neglecting his *entire* teenage & adult career, unlike most; having all movies he has been in. I am confident in saying that Carl Switzer is a true icon in American Film History. He brought so much life to all of his characters. The Gas House Kids Series is high on my list of favorites. These `Historians` never invested the time to actually LEARN about his life, or try to contact his remaining family…They only bring up the Urban Legend of what his life `became`, most of which is inaccurate. I, having been a true fan since the young age of 5, and now going on 20, am pretty sure I could write a book about him in a Positive and respectful light. I admire him in every aspect. Carl had so much comedic talent & timing. He could of worked with the dullest movie script, but still make the best of it, and bring all the laughs he could give. He will always bring a smile to my face, and joy to my heart. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a beautiful place for him to be resting at. I hope to get out there soon and visit him once more.


  10. Vindicated

    I believe the truth(Corrigan’s testimony).Aside from your practical jokes on the set(some pretty uncool),even Darla,and Spanky understood you(and particularly your father) enough to know that you weren’t at heart one to have any violent or criminal intent.They knew from their own experiences that you fell on hard times.You,although you didn’t realize it,you have alot of fans,past and present.I’m one of them.I grew up watching you and’the Gang’.You,Spanky,and Darla are the ones I remember most as it is with most of your fans(and alot of them!).Rest in peace,good buddy.I really hope to see you and’the Gang’ in the next life.


  11. Justice

    “The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.”Lois McMaster Bujold, Diplomatic Immunity, 2002


  12. Gas House Kids Go West

    West of the Pecos. I wanted to go. Got a feeling to be where the prairie moon swings low. Where the skies are seldom cloudy and you’re welcomed with the howdy. West of the Pecos I’d like to roam. West of the Pecos. It ain’t like New York. Where the subway goes places and you don’t have to walk. If you want, you take buses. And the Bronx ain’t a bunch of wild horses. West of the Pecos… Not for me.

    Your Fans...

  13. Poem

    To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world.

    Chelsea and Hethre

  14. Alfalfa

    Still love ya…..


  15. Alfalfa

    I have always been a fan of yours and your brother Harold, not only me but you have alot of other fans as well, we will always remember you on the Little Rascals and the movies that you were in.


  16. alfalfa

    I LOVE YOU, CARL!!! You have so many fans that I doubt you ever knew you had! You will always be remembered as the awesome guy you really were!!!


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