Betty Lee Mikol

1930 - 2001


  1. We Miss You Betty

    Parker and I wish we had the chance to say good-bye to you. I know so many bad things happened before you left this planet, I wish none of it ever happened.
    Parker talks about you all the time, and asks if you loved him. I will always smile and tell him, “Yes.” We have the memories of all our visits at your home and all the nice dinners.
    I can still see you holding Parker and rocking him to sleep, and even when he was big, he always had to be on your knee. I will never forget the look of love you had for our son.
    I hope you have finally found the total peace and love you have been searching for. I hope you are there with Stephen, hugging and kissing him. You loved each other so much.
    So much to say, so much more to miss…
    We love you, my family misses you… you made us laugh. My Mom misses the long phone calls, you always made her laugh her head off! I miss you so much too. But, Parker misses you the most.
    We will forever remember you, I am so happy we had time with you.
    We will love you forever!
    From Parker, Robin and the Yarnell family.

    Parker and Robin

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