Abelardo Lagman Lopez

1930 - 2011


  1. Biography

    Atty. Abelardo Lagman Lopez
    He wore many hats for the 81 years that he lived. As far back as we, his children, remember, people from all walks of life were always coming to him for advice, be it on legal matters, personal issues, family and financial problems, even matters of the heart.
    And he was known by many names.
    “Justice” to his colleagues in the legal profession
     “Attorney” to the clients seeking legal counsel
     “Bendoy” to his cousins and relatives
     “Bapang Bendoy” to his nephews and nieces
     “Coyang Ben” to his brothers and sisters
    But he will always be “Papang” to us, his wife, sons and daughters and their wives/husbands, and grandchildren. Even our own friends called him Papang.
    So full of life, he made friends wherever he went, from the very lowly to the rich and powerful. He was always either laughing or poking fun at us. Out of the blue, he would quiz us on just about anything under the sun. Yes, he was sharp-witted and intelligent to the very end.
    He was always saying that his children were his pride. Papang, you were the reason we strived to be children you could be proud of.
    You were the real pride of the family.

    Katrina Catoera

  2. miss u lots!

    miss u lots pops! hope ur happy where u are


  3. :(

    miss u pops


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