Tips on How to Contact Loved Ones After Someone Has Passed

The passing of a loved one often marks the beginning of a difficult period for those who knew the dearly departed. Though it can be important to process your own grief during this period, you may also need to share the news with others. While this may feel overwhelming, these useful tips will help you when funeral planning and contacting people after a loved one passes.

Hollywood Forever Tips on How to Contact Loved Ones After Someone Has Passed

Tip No. 1 – Make Personal Calls to Family Members and Close Friends

Your loved one’s immediate and extended family may prefer to hear the news directly from you. The same might also be true for your loved one’s closest friends. These were the most important people in the deceased’s life and it may be difficult for them to find out about the passing indirectly.

Phone calls can often the softest way to deliver the news.

Calling allows you to provide immediate notification, in addition to making the funeral arrangements. Perhaps, create a list of the people who need to hear about the situation directly from you, call each person on the list, and then maintain regular contact so you can share further details when required.

Tip No. 2 – Frame the Conversation

Making the call can be one challenge, but knowing what to say is another.

Perhaps, start by informing the person that you have some difficult news to impart.

Use plain and simple language when speaking. This can be especially important when speaking to children because euphemisms like “gone to sleep” can be confusing to young minds that don’t fully grasp the concept of death.

Finally, allow the person you’re contacting to control the call after you’ve delivered the news. Some may not feel comfortable moving onto discussions about funeral arrangements straight away. Others may want to offer help by entering into a practical mode to take their minds off their grief. If you’re able to listen, encourage the person you’ve contacted to express their feelings.

Tip No. 3 – Write an Obituary

A written obituary allows you to communicate news of the death and any funeral arrangements to people outside of your loved one’s immediate circle of family and friends. Hold back on publishing the obituary until all immediate family and friends are informed about the death.

Obituaries can be posted in newspapers and on social media platforms. Keep the text brief and factual while offering those who read it an opportunity to share their feelings and memories of your loved one.

Communication Is Key

By following these tips, you ensure the most important people in your loved one’s life hear the news of their passing directly. Furthermore, creating an obituary provides opportunities for people to share their condolences once you’ve made the funeral arrangements.

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