How to Invite People to a Funeral

Planning a funeral service can be difficult. You may be processing the grief of losing a loved one. Arranging an event to commemorate the departed’s life may be essential, but can also be draining.

Working out who you should invite and how to invite them can be one of the more important parts of making funeral arrangements. In this article, we examine how to invite people to a funeral.

Hollywood Forever How to Invite People to a Funeral

Start With the Number of Guests

As a general rule, the more people you invite to a funeral, the more resources you may need. Having many people may require you to prepare more food or hire a larger room for the service. But at the same time, you likely want to consider welcoming as many people to the funeral as is necessary so they can pay their respects.

With this in mind, it can help to focus on the practical side first. Choose a venue and set a limit for the number of people you will invite. This can provide you with a starting point when sending invites.

Consider a Public Visitation Followed by a Private Funeral

If you’re struggling to limit the size of your guest list, consider holding a public visitation followed by a private funeral. The visitation offers a chance for anybody who knew the deceased to pay their respects, with the private funeral allowing the departed’s nearest and dearest an opportunity to grieve together. Taking this approach enables you to provide an option for those who want to attend some form of memorial service for the departed.

Always Send Invitations

Whether you choose a private or public service, you should always extend invitations to the departed’s closest family and friends. They may feel offended or upset if they don’t receive a direct invitation to the funeral.

If you’re arranging a public visitation, consider sending direct invitations to immediate and extended family and your loved one’s closest friends. You may then announce the funeral arrangements on social media or via a newspaper, along with a general invite for anyone who’d like to attend.

Take Personal Feelings Out of the Equation

Your personal feelings about potential attendees should not necessarily factor into your decision-making. Instead, focus on the connections of your departed loved one. Invite people based on these relationships to ensure those who loved the departed have the opportunity to pay their respects without personal matters interfering.

A funeral may even offer you the opportunity to repair damaged relationships with former friends and family. By joining together in your grief, you have an opportunity to move through a shared experience that may serve as the foundation for stronger relationships in the future.

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