How Tell The Difference Between a Good Funeral Home and a Bad One

In the immediate aftermath of the loss of a loved one, emotions may be running high while thoughts can be muddled or confusing. Unfortunately, this is the state in which you may also need to make difficult decisions, including choosing a funeral home for after-life services. With so many options available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which funeral home is the best choice for you. That’s why Hollywood Forever Funeral Home and Cemetery has created a list of useful tips to teach you how to spot the differences between a good funeral home and a bad one.

How To Tell a Good Funeral Home From a Bad One

Is Your Funeral Home Up To Date?

You can tell a lot about a funeral home by their website. A good funeral home will have a website that’s easy to navigate and understand. If their website is up to date and allows you easy access to funeral directors to ask questions, then it’s likely that the funeral home is also contemporary and functional. An old website with broken links is usually an indication that the funeral home has not been modernized or refurbished as the years have gone on. This means that they will be less likely to accommodate requests for remembrance videos, celebratory playlists, or other digital requests. A funeral home that refuses to embrace modernity and grow with the world as it changes can present difficulties that make them a less than ideal choice for your needs.

Is Your Funeral Home Transparent With Pricing?

A good funeral home will always be upfront with you about pricing and funeral costs. You should know exactly what you’re getting for your money, with all details provided to you. While some funeral homes cost more than others, this can often be associated with the quality of care given and type of services selected. Many funeral homes offer payment plans for their services, as well as opportunities to pre-plan and prepay. If the funeral home you’re in communication with isn’t forthcoming with pricing information when you request it, then you can almost guarantee that they will be trying to upsell you or include hidden charges and fees.

Is Your Funeral Home Accommodating?

Every funeral service is different, just as every life celebrated is different. A good funeral home understands this and will be willing to work with you as much as possible to create the service you want to help give expression to the life lived. Good funeral homes will have competent and experienced funeral directors ready to cater to your needs, with suggestions for flowers and programs as well as contacts with officiants and celebrants to accommodate any particular religious needs. Your funeral directors should offer comfort, expertise and support in creating a service that is within your budget. If the funeral home you’re in contact with is rigid and uncompromising, it’s possible that they follow a formula that they try to force every service to follow that is easy and cost-effective for them. In this circumstance you can sometimes find the funeral home cutting corners or even limit your capacity to give expression to the life of your loved one.

Is Your Funeral Home Bonafide?

The best funeral homes play an active role in their community. They’re involved with the city they live in, culturally and economically. They will also be accredited with the National Funeral Directors Association and should be easily located through the State Funeral Board. Their reviews on their website will be from real people talking about their real experience, not generated by bots. If the funeral home you’re looking at isn’t showing up in any of these ways, this can be a huge red flag. Walk away, and don’t look back.

Is Your Funeral Home Available To You?

During the whirlwind time that can follow the loss of a loved one, you need the assistance and support of a committed funeral home. The best funeral homes will have dedicated people available to speak to you when you need it, day or night, 24 / 7. Funeral directors and their assistants will treat you with compassion and kindness, going the extra mile to answer your questions or give you planning suggestions. If the funeral home you’re considering isn’t available to you when you need them, you should look elsewhere. Now is the time to ask for help, and if a funeral home isn’t available to you, you should find one that is.

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