Finding the Right Timing for a Meaningful Funeral Service

Death can be a difficult subject, and many people avoid discussing or planning for it. Consequently, when a loved one passes away, those left behind are often responsible for making arrangements during a time of deep grief.  

While planning a funeral can be overwhelming, pre-arranging these details is a final act of love. It relieves the burden from those left behind and allows them the space to grieve and honor the deceased’s life. 

If you find yourself responsible for arranging a funeral service, here are some simple considerations to help guide your choices. Consider these questions as you begin to think about the arrangements.

Finding the Right Timing for a Meaningful Funeral Service

When Should You Schedule the Funeral Service?

The following important considerations can help you determine an appropriate time for the event:

Check Authorizations and Documents

Before you set a date, make sure you have all the appropriate documents that funeral homes require to carry out the service. Approval from the family and/or the coroner and a death certificate are a few things you may need. 

This process is typically completed within a few days from the date of passing. 

Check Availability

Funeral services are a chance for the near and dear ones to say their goodbyes. As such, it can be important to consider the schedules of those who will want to attend the service. This will give everyone who matters the opportunity to make their way there. The funeral home’s schedule is also a consideration. 

Consider Religious Beliefs 

When scheduling the day and time for the funeral service, consider the deceased’s religion. Specific guidelines may need to be followed for such arrangements.

If it is not necessary to follow any cultural or religious customs, it may be helpful to plan a service so that everyone can pay their respects, share memories, and attend.

When Is It Ideal To Hold a Funeral Service?

Giving yourself enough time to plan ensures the service is meaningful and well thought out. 

Here are a few scheduling considerations for funeral services: 

1 or 2 Days

The timing of a funeral can be influenced by location, cultural customs, and religious beliefs. In some cases, a service may need to be held quickly, within one or two days.  If possible, discuss options with your funeral director or faith leader to accommodate your needs and help with attendance.

5 to 10 Days 

Most funeral homes recommend planning the funeral service five to ten days after your loved one’s passing. This gives you enough time to make all the arrangements and spread the word about when and where everyone can pay their respects. 

More Than 10 Days

Scheduling a funeral service more than ten days after a person’s passing gives families and loved ones much more time to contact guests and make arrangements for people to come from out of state or out of the country. 

This extended period may also be needed if the deceased had special requests to be pursued and completed before the funeral service.


“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” – Eskimo proverb

The timing and arrangements for a funeral service are highly personal and singular to the person to be commemorated. Religious beliefs, family preferences, and the unique circumstances surrounding the loss are essential considerations to ensure a meaningful and proper service. 

Dealing with grief can be difficult and there are many considerations to think about and take care of. Choose Hollywood Forever when making arrangements for your beloved. Our experienced and thoughtful staff are here to support you.

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