Choosing the Right Burial For You

Every person on this planet is unique. No two people are the same, or ever will be. In life, we often make decisions based on our personality, ethics, likes, and beliefs. Why should this be any different when it comes to our passing from this life? There are many different burial options to choose from. At Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Funeral Home, we believe strongly in choosing the right burial for you. Read on to see which burial options could be the best fit for your individual needs

Choosing the Right Burial For You

Traditional Burial

Traditional burial can be a wonderful option for people who embrace the generations and traditions that have come before them. It is one of the most popular burial choices in the United States. Traditional burial involves placing a casket or coffin into a predetermined gravesite. These burials are usually accompanied by a graveside service. People often choose headstones to identify and personalize their graves, but statues, simple markers, or even trees and park benches have become more popular in recent years. Oftentimes people will choose a traditional burial with their family in mind, giving them somewhere to visit for generations to come. Flowers, candles, and other personal items can be left on the gravesite whenever those who have survived the deceased so choose.

Above-Ground Burial

Above-ground burials refer to burials in buildings or structures that populate a cemetery. The most common type of above-ground burial chamber is the mausoleum. Mausoleums are a beautiful option for families who desire to rest in peace together, when the time comes. Mausoleum crypts can be chosen with the future in mind, designed with enough space for you and your loved ones. They are the perfect choice for someone who wants a more stable structure for future generations and visitors, allowing for privacy, togetherness and quiet reflection. Mausoleums are usually made of nearly-indestructible materials such as marble, allowing for a greater sense of peace and protection. Personal effects such as photos, jewelry and other memorabilia, will also be further out of the elements in a mausoleum.

Burial After Cremation

While traditional burials are often the most popular burial option, cremation has exponentially grown in popularity in the last century. One of the reasons people prefer cremation is that it offers a more affordable solution for death services. People can choose direct cremation, a process in which they receive the ashes of their loved one without the added cost of a ceremony or burial. From there, ashes can be scattered in a garden, at sea, or in a place of great significance to the departed. However, just because you choose cremation doesn’t mean you can’t be buried! There are several different options for burial after cremation. Some people choose to be traditionally buried in a gravesite but choose to be cremated beforehand for eco-friendly reasons. Others still choose to be interred in a cremation niche, where photos and personal items can be placed behind a glass front for people to visit. Burial after cremation affords you the gift of choice, often within a reasonable budget.

Natural Burial or Tree Burial

Natural burial is the most popular choice for those who have strong personal beliefs about climate science and our environment. The most eco-friendly option, natural burial involves laying a person to rest in a state that is unaltered by embalming chemicals that can affect soil and groundwater. Rather than a casket, people are buried in a cardboard container, wicker coffin, or shroud that is easily biodegradable. Some choose a tree burial, in which a seed is planted within their cremated remains or placed on their person. Some might even choose a mushroom suit or tree pod, both of which cycle their physical forms directly into the earth and then into another living organism. For the most environmentally conscious person, natural burial can ensure that an individual is giving back to the earth even in their departure.

Regardless of which type of burial you choose, we want you to feel confident and well taken care of. There is no incorrect choice for a burial service; there’s only what’s right for you and your loved ones. Take your time in making this decision, but know that  you are in good hands. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is here to help you along every step of the way including price plans and memorial service planning. Whether you are planning ahead or in the immediate aftermath of a loss, we want you to feel supported and well looked after. We hope that this article will bring you some peace while choosing the right burial for you.

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