Mausoleum Options

Hollywood Forever offers a range of mausoleum options, including mausoleum interments (for both individuals and families) and cremation niches, at a variety of prices. Several of our mausoleum buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. We are in the process of building a memorial complex that contains 25,000 burial crypts and 25,000 cremation niches.

Abbey of the Psalms

Built in 1930, this mausoleum was built in the Egyptian Revival style and includes a decorated domed cupola with symbolic writing inscriptions, rose marble interiors, and a stained glass roof.

Courtyard Mausoleum

Completed in 2009, this community mausoleum features crypts, niches, and private family gardens.

Fairbanks Mausoleum

This Garden Mausoleum was constructed in 2014 adjacent to the Cathedral Mausoleum and the historic Fairbanks Reflecting Pool

Hollywood Catheral Mausoleum

Built in 1922 of California granite, this mausoleum has delicately colored stained glass windows and pastel murals covering the walls. White Italian marble statues of the Apostles stand on either side of the entrance hall..

Judy Garland Pavilion

Named for the legendary star, her beautiful family room takes center stage in this small mausoleum and columbarium

Sanctuary of Memories

This beautiful community mausoleum was built in the 1950s.

South Palms Mausoleum

Built in 2012 and covered in Jerusalem Stone, this outdoor garden mausoleum is adjacent to Fairbanks Lawn and faces Paramount Studios.

Gower Mausoleum

The Gower Mausoleum will feature 25,000 crypts and 25,000 cremation niches – surrounding by hanging gardens and an elevated forest.


Our white pyramid is an instant classic.  The private family mausoleum is our most exclusive and premium current offering.  This luxurious final address has space for up to 17 casket crypts and 24 cremation niches.


Garden of Israel

This is a small, semi-private mausoleum.

Hall of David

This is the tallest mausoleum complex at the cemetery, reaching three floors in height..

Hall of Solomon

This is an historic Jewish mausoleum with many architectural touches, and stained glass works celebrating Judaism..


Mausoleum Interment Spaces starting from $7000
Cremation Niches starting from $4850
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