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A funeral director is available to speak with you and answer your questions 24 hours a day. If a death has occurred or for funeral planning, please call us: (323) 469-1181 or toll-free: (877) 844-3837
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Hollywood Forever offers a beautiful, historic, full-service funeral home and chapel on our cemetery grounds. At Hollywood Funeral Home, we strive to help families and friends celebrate the time shared with loved ones — to focus on the life lived, while facing the loss. It is our mission to help create a service that pays tribute with dignity and respect while providing comfort, solace and communion to surviving friends and family.

Locally owned and operated, our team consists of highly experienced, local professionals with decades spent caring for the families of our community.

Whether burial or cremation, our funeral directors and counselors can help create a customized and personalized service that will be meaningful to you, as well as to friends and family. Our highly experienced and dedicated team will do everything possible to make this difficult time easier for those we serve from the moment you contact us. Ceremony and grief take many forms and can include arrangements for direct cremation, visitation, and funeral services over multiple days. Hollywood Funeral Home staff value your family’s unique needs and personal wishes — and will do everything we can to cater to your requirements.

All faiths and creeds are welcome – we have sought the knowledge and understanding to serve your traditions with truth and authenticity.

It is our privilege to serve all cultures, traditions, and faiths respectfully, and we offer many types of funeral services. In addition to English, our funeral directors also make arrangements and perform services in Spanish, Thai, Russian, Hindi, and Armenian – to name a few. We offer specialized traditional funeral services for Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths – our commitment is to serve all people and religions with dignity and respect. As such, for Buddhist and Hindu funeral services that integrate cremation, our ceremonial crematory is located adjacent to our main funeral chapel. We are also able to conduct traditional funeral services in churches, temples, and most other venues. We welcome the LGBTQ community and have many LGBTQ staff should that provide increased comfort and better suit your funeral requirements.

Sharing memories can be one of the purest and most potent antidotes to grief.

Hollywood Funeral Home offers cremation, funeral, and burial services all in one location in the heart of Los Angeles. Unlike standalone funeral homes, all burial, funeral, and cremation services occur within our beautiful and expansive sixty-two-acre grounds. The simplicity of one location for funeral arrangements, ceremony, burial, and cremation provides families with a sense of comfort and ease during the memorial process. For direct cremation, our crematory is onsite, so you can rest assured that your loved ones will always be under our care. Whether planning a funeral, cremation, burial or scattering, Hollywood Forever is a complete facility for honoring, celebrating, and remembering.

Honor age-old traditions or create your own path, discover your own rituals of honor and remembrance.

Hollywood Forever offers beautiful venues for memorial and funeral services inside our historic buildings and outside on the cemetery’s idyllic grounds. The main chapel can comfortably seat up to 200 guests indoors, while locations such as the Fairbanks Memorial Reflecting Pool and Clark Island provide an elegant space for funeral and cremation services to be held outdoors. Our in-house monument masons can help you design a lasting tribute that bears testament to your loved one that will be a touchstone for memories to future generations.

We also offer the convenience of an onsite flower shop where you can choose beautiful funeral flowers and floral arrangements and tributes with our designer.

Whatever your preference, we can help you design and realize an experience that honors your loved one with respect and dignity.

Hollywood Funeral Home’s services include:

  • Around the clock availability of Hollywood Funeral Home staff, 24 / 7.
  • Transportation from the place of death to Hollywood Funeral Home.
  • Professional care and preparation with our staff experienced in mortuary science.
  • Personalized and meaningful funeral service arrangements to celebrate the life lived with dignity and honor, including the engagement of officiants, clergy, or musicians.
  • Selection of memorial items, such as flowers, a register book for condolences, printed programs, memory cards, video tributes, lawn markers, upright monuments, and bronze crypt plates.
  • Assistance to produce a video tribute of photos and music, providing fond memories and a celebration of life for future generations.
  • Procurement of all necessary documents, including the certificate of death and permit for disposition.
  • Daytime and evening visitation, if desired.
  • Provision of grief resources for surviving family and friends.
  • A full selection of funeral and cremation casket choices.
  • A curated selection of Urns for cremated remains.
  • Assistance with online and newspaper obituary placement.
  • Support in making arrangements and planning travel and hotels for visiting guests.

Pre Plan

Making funeral arrangements is never easy, but arranging a funeral in advance of need takes care of your loved ones. By creating a record of your wishes, you free those left behind from detailed planning and guesswork during a time of grief. Pre-planning your funeral arrangements is one of the most meaningful and responsible gifts you can give to your family and friends. In their time of need, they will feel loved and cared for by you, even in your absence.

Our funeral directors are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether burial or cremation. Hollywood Funeral Home also offers insurance to help fund your funeral costs. Our provider, Great Western Insurance Company, has many protections, including safeguards against inflation and policy transfers for funerals to other providers if you should move out of the area.


Click here to view our plans and pricing.

We invite you to visit us for a personal tour of our beautiful grounds and historic buildings. To learn more about Hollywood Forever’s offerings, please contact us.

A funeral director is available to speak with you 24 hours a day. For funeral planning, please call us: (323) 469-1181 or toll-free: (877) 844-3837


Funeral Home Terms and Definitions

  • A Burial is the placement of the deceased into a grave or other final resting place. 

  • A Burial plot, Interment Space, or Grave is the space at the cemetery where the deceased is buried.

  • A Casket is usually a metal or wooden box, in which the deceased is buried or sometimes cremated.  

  • A Columbarium is a building or structure that contains cremated remains.

  • A Community Mausoleum is a building or structure for the interment of the deceased in crypts and niches 

  • Cremation is a method of final disposition of a dead body through burning or combustion.

  • A Crematorium or Crematory is a closed furnace or retort where the cremation takes place. Most Crematories, including Hollywood Forever’s, operate on natural gas. By law, only one cremation may occur at a time. The cremation process takes from ninety minutes to three hours.

  • Cremated Remains, Ashes, or Cremains: Cremation leaves behind an average of 5.3lbs of remains. Not actual ash, these remains consist of unburnt fragments of bone material, which are (in the US) commonly processed by a cremulator into a fine powder.

  • Cremation Urns are containers for cremated remains and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Some commonly chosen options include urns made of bronze, wood, marble, glass, or biodegradable materials. Keepsake Urns are smaller containers, jewelry pieces, or other items that may contain a smaller portion of cremated remains– allowing for multiple people to have a touchstone.

  • A Crypt is a burial space in a mausoleum. 

  • Double-depth burial is a burial plot or grave that is two times the depth of a single grave, accommodating two burials.

  • Family Mausoleum or Private Mausoleum is an above-ground building or structure for the entombment of a single individual or family.

  • Final disposition refers to the final destination of the deceased.  

  • Funeral Service is a ceremony honoring a deceased person – usually present in a casket.

  • Interment is the burial of the deceased in a grave or crypt – or the inurnment of the deceased in a grave or niche.

  • Inurnment is the placement of cremated remains (ashes) in an urn in a niche, crypt, or grave 

  • Memorial marker is a monument, headstone (tombstone), or grave marker identifying a burial; also a name plate or inscription identifying a crypt or niche in a mausoleum 

  • A Memorial Service is  a ceremony honoring a deceased person usually without their body present. A service with cremated remains (ashes) present is also considered a Memorial Service.

  • Morgue is a place, usually at a hospital, where the dead are kept prior to their release to a mortuary or funeral home for burial or cremation.

  • A Mortuary is a place, especially in a funeral home, where the deceased are kept until burial or cremation. Our Los Angeles mortuary in Hollywood  is onsite, and where the deceased are stored and prepared for burial or cremation. 

  • A Monument is a memorial, consisting of stone and/or bronze, which extends above the ground in upright form and height.

  • A Niche is a space in a mausoleum or columbarium for the inurnment of cremated remains.

  • Opening and Closing: the ceremony and service performed by the cemetery after the funeral to place and then bury the deceased in the grave space or to place and seal the deceased in a mausoleum crypt.

  • A Scattering Garden is a garden, often of roses, where the cremated remains of the deceased may be mixed and combined with the garden plants and soils.

  • A Vault or Outer Burial Container is a concrete or other rigid enclosure that surrounds the casket below ground, separating it from the elements and preventing the earth from shifting.

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