Wallace Berger

1931 - 1984


  1. Happy 72nd Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dad! Marc just e-mailed me, he remembered as well. He’s going to be a dad himself in a couple of months…can you believe it?!? You’re going to be a grandfather! I hope that wherever you are today, you’re celebrating in style…Wally Berger style! All my love, Scott

    Scott Everett Berger

  2. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dad! You would have been 71 today, and I’m sure just as funny and lighthearted as ever. You know, you share your Birthday with my comedy coach Greg Dean; he’s celebrating his 50th today by jumping out of an airplane. I’ve got a flat tire on my Berrrrrretta which I need to fix, but once that’s done maybe I’ll come by the park and say, “Hi!” They’re supposed to start construction on the new wing of the Hall of David in October (where I’ll eventually be joining you, mom, and the whole mishpucha). My comedy career is chugging right along, as a matter of fact I’m going to be featured in a special on the Discovery Channel called “Extreme Funerals” where I’m cruising around Hollywood Forever interviewing Tyler! You’d be so proud of me, I did good! I miss you pops. L’Chaim, Scott

    Scott Everett Berger

  3. Thanks Dad

    Dad,Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all, your ability to make people happy. You are my inspiration!
    Love & Laughter, Scott


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