Vladislav Meiler

1986 - 2001


  1. You said good-bye to me at Oksana’s party, hugged me and left. Then for some reason you came back, said good-bye to me again, kissed my cheek, hugged me for the last time, and i never saw you again. I guess that was our last good-bye but i know one day we’ll see each other again. I miss you so much. Nothings the same without you. Now there’s nobody to play-fight with and no one to talk to like you and i did. I love you so much. You’re in my heart forever… rest in peace.


  2. the last message

    i knew you from second grate, it was in israel.and we were very good friends. but one day when we were in five grate you and your family decided move to america,but even with a big distance like that we stayed friends and was chating on the internet and even talk on the phone. our last conversion was in your birtheday, few mountes before your dead. it was very sad, one day i checked my e-mail, after along time that i didnt hear from you, and i got a message form yor sister, thta you dead. and i was vety sad. my last words for you are:”shalom haver(in hebrew).from your israelien friend,pinhas


  3. vladik we all really miss you. you left us so unexpectedly and suddenly, we never even had a chance to say bye. Rest In Peace. Make it nice for all of us up there. I love you and you I did for a long time and now its even stronger. //M3 power, trust me as soon as we can afford it we are all getting it, or at least everybody is talking about getting it. You were like my little brother and i cared about you as MUCH as i care about my family. So I LOVE YOU. r<3i<3p motek."tishteki hapeh shelah" yeah ? i miss that so much i would gove anything to here you say that again. Nothing but love to you FROM Karina .


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