Victor Julian Jamerson

1955 - 2000


  1. Friend of Victor's from Terra Linda

    I was a neighbor and friend of Victor when we lived in Terra Linda as kids. We were both born in 1955 and he lived on the same street (Del Ganado). I thought of Victor recently; in light of all the news and a history of anti-Blackness, my own reflection brought him front of mind. I’d like to think of him first as my friend, who happened to be Black. I remember meeting Victor’s mother on a couple occasions, too; she was a lovely, warm person, too. I’m sad to discover that Victor passed 20 years ago. If any of Victor’s family would care to contact me, I’d love to be introduced. I enjoyed the videos. May Victor rest in peace. What a beautiful soul he is.

    Michael Lee

  2. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday,Still Missing you!


  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday My Brotha!


  4. missing you

    2 Years later and I still miss you daily!God Bless You


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