Vicky Pino

1979 - 2003


  1. hey its me just saying hi checking your site like i do every once in awhile. and I wanted to let you know that im thinking of you and will see you soon cause there’s alots of things i like to say cause ive always been able to talk to about whatever is going on. so 1 just thinking or you and decided to write this lil message for you. love you talk to you soon.

    your lil cousin

  2. Missin you soo much

    Hey cuz it me just emailing you to express the hole you have left in you left in my heart. Every so often I remember that I have to talk to you to let you know that I still care and miss you every day that passes. I go through things that I probably won’t share with anyone but I find myself knowing that somehow you can look down from the beauitful place you are in and seen what has beome of your lil cuz. Then you know how I feel with every passing day and you understand why I miss you so. I know that you would have advice for me even if I didn’t want to hear it. I know that everything you do even if I don’t agree is for my benfit and I love you for that. I can promise to pull myself from where I am and end up where you know I was meant to be. You always had a weird and sometimes mean way of telling me what was better for me and what used to make me mad was that you were right. So I promise to do my part to make you proud to call me your lil cuz with your great big smile that till this day never seems to die in my mind even after all this time apart. I love you Vicky you’ve tryed to be a positive role model to me after David. Oh just so you know Frankie is just as beauitful as David.

    Your lil cousin

  3. so much is happening and it gets hard to take it all in when i remember that youre not here for my to share with you. miss you and love you but im sure you already knew that.

    your lil cousin

  4. My Guide To Heaven

    Hy my lovely causin vicky, Its been a while since i have writen to you, But Today Its to ask you to help “Willy” find his way to our fathers gates. Today our family has lost another young member of our family. We still havent even began to heal from loosing you, and now we must say goodby to “willy”. Please give him a message for me to him. Tell him i loved him so much, and that he will always be in my heart forever. Also please take care of our grandmother and watch over her as a guardian angel. Cant express to you how inportant mama berta is to our family and our lives, the same you were to us. And want you to know that you will always be in my heart, till the day i leave this world. love you forever your causin enrique

    Enrique Solis

  5. How Much I Miss You

    Dear Vicky: This Message Is To Express My Love And sympathy To You. I Want You To Know That I Miss You More Each Day, And That I Always Admired Your Personality And Sweetness To Everyone Around You, I Wan To Thank You For Being Kind With Me, And For Making Me Feel Like I Was Part Of The Family. It’s Like After You Left Us, A Part Of Me Left Too,And I Feel So Empty Now. Thank You For Sharing a Little Bit Of Your Life With Me, Hopefully We’ll Meet Again. Your Friend Mario.

    Mario H.

  6. regreting not spending more time with you

    I guess its time to express my feeling and tell you that i wasn’t able to see you more often during your last days because i wasn’t strong, i loved you so much that seeing you so week made me so sad, first because i had to accept the fact that you were going to leave us, second that i didn’t keep my promise to you that i would take you to universal studios every year for your birthday. for that i am so sorry and will for ever regret not having done it. But i want you to know that when you died, so did I, i love you so much that i think of you every day and i see the video i did for you, so that i will never forget you and the love you brought to all of us. I hope that i have the blessing to one day all our family will be together in the precense of god. 4ever loving you enrique


  7. missing you more every day

    i still miss i thought i would it would get easier with time but i realized today, that is not the case i miss you more very day and the truth i was not trying to face it. today when i went to see you i felt an empty gap and i begin to cry and then i went to ingrid’s baby shower and had to leave because i felt any moment i would burst into tears. i don’t know how much i could emphaize how much i love and miss you. i think of you alot,things growing up, things before you left some make me laugh and some make me cry and miss you even the end it comes down i love you so much and your forever in my you

    your cousin erika

  8. Someone who love you and misses you

    You touched everybodies lives and especially mines. You are full of strength and love. What more can anybody want. I truly do miss you very much, but what give me peace is knowing that you still live but we unfortunately cannot see you. I love you very much and it is still very hard for me to accept that you have passed. I don’t know what else to say but that I will see you soon and that I miss your smile .


  9. My Hero

    Sister I miss you so so much. I know I never told you, but you are my hero and I dont know what i’m gonna do without you and your loving hugs you would always give me, and the way you would lecture me. What breaks my heart the most is the fact that you never got to enjoy my son, your nephew. You would tell me how you were going to take him everywhere with you and how you were going to play with him, I’m never gonna forget your kisses,hugs and most of all your smile. I love you sister.

    Your baby sister (Karen)

  10. missing you

    i miss you and you’ll never know how much well actually you may i love and miss you greatly i still get sad and break down at times because it’s hard to picture life without you but i try to remind myself that you are better were you are i love you and will send you a message at another time love you

    your lil cuz erika

  11. someone who cares...

    I am so sorry for your loss of this beautiful girl. Please know that all who come upon this online memorial are praying for you.. Such a beautiful girl who was taken too soon. May you find peace in knowing that you have such a precious guardian angel looking out for all of you. Thank you for sharing her memory with all of us online and please know that her angel wings are fluttering high above looking out for all of her family that she left behind…God Bless You …

    Southern California

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