Supoj Sodkomkum

1950 - 2002


  1. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday dad, i missed you. We all missed you. Yesterday we all went out to eat to celebrate your birthday and of course we ate sushi b/c FA loves to eat sushi just like you. i know that you know how much i love you and all my success is because of you. I know you’re proud of me but i also proud of you as my father and i know there is no one love me more than you did. i will love Fa as much as you love me. Have a great birthday in heaven. Love …… O


  2. I missed you

    Hi Dad today i was listening to your song it made my cry. I missed you so much. I wish we can take Fa out and teached him how to hit the golf ball. He is you to me, he do and said things that so much reminded of you. He love to eat fish and ride his bike and play with his friend. i wish you’re here to see him. I told him a about how great you are and how much i love you. I miss you dad. Love O and FA

    Your Son

  3. Father

    Tristan is now 1 year old, he remind me so much of you. I know he would want to meet his Grandfather.Now I’m learning how to play golf and soon I will teach Tristan how to play and enjoy the game as much as you did. Now I wish that I would learn how to play golf earlier so me and you can play a round.
    I love you Dad….always and forever..O


  4. DAD

    Hi dad, today i missed you so much. Everyday, as Tristan grow up he reminded me of you…i wish you were here to see your grandson. You will be so proud of him. He’s so happy, funny and handsome. I love him as much i love you…
    love always your son

    A Son

  5. My Father......

    No one in my life love me more than you love me. I miss you so much dad. I wish you can see your grandson, you would be proud of him. O rak

    A Son

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