Sunday Kay Tutt

1962 - 2002


  1. My sunshine

    Hello my soul sista, im walking around in a daze, i miss you soooooo much my friend it hurts,words can’t exspress how much i need and miss you.. i am on the phone right now with Larry Crow, talking about you, and crying and laughing about the pass!!! i remember when you stole larrys car LOL !!!!! and he went and told Brenda you stole his car and Brenda slap him and said” how can she still your car if she has your car keys ? Well you would have to know sunday…. to know how she got those keys.. lol.

    Kea' Davis


    its twelve thirty am and i am sittin here thinking of you and all the fun and good times we had together that i will remember and keep in my heart and mind forever. the word forever is just like you like when i first met you i remember it felt like i known you forever already i remember the time when the day wasn`t a day without your smile and th sound of your voice each day i could`t wait to get off from work and see you smile your smile will forever be inprinted in my memories of you im sorry it took me this long to leave you a message but i know you will forgive me as your sister leann wrote on your 50 we partied hard with you because you where there. words can never say how much i love you and miss you and god know how much i wish you where still here and how much we cant can have every thing that we wished for but i thanked god that i did get my wish to spend time with someone as beautiful as you in my life i love you my sister my friends an till my end when i will see you again love crow bar


  3. mising you

    Well today is my big 50 and i really missed you more than ever this day Sunday. but you were here with all of us, lavell put your urn on my table oh by the way i had a big party, so you were sitting with ,larry crow, kia kim owens guys sister and it blew everybodys mine, because they said enerybody was here but you and lavell pointed at your urn all dress up in black an white and then the party was jumpin you danced with everybody. I love and miss you so much. keep watching over us Sunday oh yell by the way mandel debbie son named his daughter mya sunday kay hanes. thats your name sake okay im gonna close for now love you always lee ann

    Lee Ann Siss

  4. Happybirthday Auntie Kay Kay

    Happy Birthday auntie. I know your watching over as we celebrate this day with lots of love. I’m not in LA anymore but I suspose you know that since you have guided me so far. Although I’m not with the family physically, I am still there in spirit and I will celebrate this day every year until we meet again. I love you so much and can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again. I miss you and love you very much and again Happy Birthday!!!!
    Ps. Kiss grandma Mary,granny Doris and uncle tutt for me. And do me a favor a good friend of mines just lost her dad please keep him company and welcome him and let him know that through Symia and the rest of his kids he will live on.

    Your neice Valencia


    Happy Birthday Sunday. Well i never thought that i would ever see this day without you, and i want to let you know that it is very hard for me to sit here and write this to you. So i’m gonna tell you the surprize anyway, I got a dozen tee-shirts with your picture of you standing by your car put on the front of it, and it’s really pretty all 12 of us are wearing it today and we all are going to HomeTown Buffet where we took you last year for your Birthday, I guess this will start a tradition for you. Sunday you were my one sister, you left a mark on all of our lives, especially your nieces Whisper and Tahjae ,Your are truly missed.I see you every time i look in the mirror I knew we favored but now its like too much a like . I love you very much and you know that what more do i need to say kiss grandmommie for all of us tell we love and miss her too. until we meet again stay sweet and be that
    angel to watch over us . YOUR ONE AND ONLY SISTER LEE ANNETTA TUTT


  6. To my aunt, with love

    My dearest aunt, I still can’t believe your gone. It just haven’t hit yet. When I think of all the good times we’ve shared together, I can’t help but to cry. I really wish you would have known that you were truly loved and appreciated. You made an impact on so many lives that you’ve touched. Especially mine. You were always there for me when I needed you, no matter the circumstances. I appreciate the love and dedication you gave to me. There will never be another like you, my sweet aunt Kay Kay. I promise you one thing, through me you will live on. Guide me through obstacles that I will face in life. I truly I have angels over me. Let my grandmas Doris and Mary and my uncle Tutt know that I miss them and love them and through me they will live on as well. Happy holidays my love. See you when I get there. Love always and for eternity Valencia Shoni James.

    Valencia James

  7. My Beutiful Sister

    To My Sister Sunday. I Miss your presence when I’am around, your bright smile, you great wisdom, your giant heart for your little brother but most of all I just miss you. I know your in a better place now, please Sis watch over all of the Family still here in this dangerous world. Help us with your great wisdom, to guide each and everyone of us through our roughest times I love you Sis. See you when I get there. You Little Brother Brandon Walter Tutt

    Your Brother Brandon Tutt

  8. My Sunshine

    Sunday, I remember the day I met you as if it were today, you have been my sunshine, my soul sista
    Your smile is like the Sun…. it shines so bright, Your personality is unforgettable, Your heart is good as gold
    And that’s why our friendship stood the test of time.
    My sunshine has been taken away. So now I will be looking for my Angel.
    I will never stop loving you (Cockroach). Every February 22nd, I will celebrate the day you were born and grace the world with your presence.
    Your soul sista
    Kea’ 2002

    Kea' Davis

  9. Your memorial

    That was an Unforgettable memorial. She was surely loved. It made me want to meet her and you all. She must have been so loved. thank you (and she’s incredibly beautiful also).


  10. My condolences

    I didn’t know Sunday and came across this by accident, but would like to offer my sympathy to the family on her death, especially at such a young age.

    Jeffrey A. Tutt

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