Samuel and Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth (Libe) Klorman (Lerman) and Samuel Burke were born in Sarny, Poland and moved to the United Sates with their young son, Irving (1906) in 1908. They arrived in New York but soon settled in South Bend, Indiana where they owned a dry goods store and had two more children Lillian (1911) and Anne (1914).

In the late thirties, Anne and her husband, Franc Mayer, moved to Long Beach, California. As World War II was ending, Irving was discharged from the army and he too settled in Long Beach. Elizabeth and Samuel moved form Soulth Bend to Long Beach about the same time.

Samuel and Elizabeth had three grandchildren. Randi Burke Aguiar born to Irving and his wife, Anna, in 1950; Gail born to Anne and Franc in 1943 and Robert born in 1939.

They have six great grandchildren: Randi and James Aguiar’s children, Joshua and Naomi; Robert and Beverly’s (Cohen) children Steven and Melissa; and Gail (now Gail Bloxberg) and David Silberstein’s children, Michael and Lisa.

They have one great, great grandchild, Arron born to Steven and his wife, Michelle(Eisner).

Everyone who knew Elizabeth and Samuel speak fo the kindness, strength, and honesty. Samuel was an extraordinarly warm and loving man. They are both missed by all who knew and loved them


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