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Sennichi-Ama Lloyd

Our darling kitty was born in 1991, in Lyndonville, Vermont, and was adopted by her daddy, Scott G. Lloyd, at the age of five weeks. Her name, Sennichi-Ama, means “long life woman” in Japanese. The life she lived was certainly worthwhile.

Sennichi-Ama was a chocolate-point Siamese, a most graceful and elegant cat. She had very blue eyes, with tinges of green and yellow. Her life was an active and fun one: in 1992, she and her daddy moved from New Hampshire to Sierra Madre, California, and Sennichi-Ama really enjoyed the new climate and environment. She loved her new role as “outdoor cat,” getting into occasional scrapes with other felines, but always having fun.

Her sisters, Scott’s daughters Jessica and Sarah, loved Sennichi-Ama very much — and they miss her terribly — but they will always remember all the good times, hanging out at home, enjoying each other. Kitty was, at times, “tolerant” of her sisters, allowing them to videotape her washing and eating, putting earrings on her, and decorating her with ribbons and bows. Jessica, Sarah, and Sennichi-Ama were best friends, all the way to the end.

Sennichi-Ama, along with her daddy, her new mommy Annette, and her sisters, moved into their new house in Sylmar, California in 2000, and mommy chose the color of the carpeting particularly because it matched Sennichi’s lighter fur. (Actually, her mommy patterned her hair’s highlights after Sennichi’s coloring!) In the fall of 2000, Sennichi-Ama was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent surgery. For a long time afterwards, she was fine, and enjoyed the balance of her life in her home, with her family. She died on Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 8am, in her daddy’s arms, peaceful, protected, and knowing she was loved.

Life without Sennichi-Ama will never be the same, but we will always cherish her memory — how she loved to hunker down and snuggle with us, how she enjoyed KFC breast meat, how she watched Animal Planet programs with mommy in bed, how deeply she adored her daddy, and how greatly she enhanced our lives. We love our kitty, and we always will.

The Lloyd Family


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