Samantha Eden Tibbs


New Year, 2001

I would like to govern my actions to benefit the quality of my life.

As loving and courteous at work I can be, I would like to become more of that at home. Once home, I sometimes shut down, feeling I’ve given my all to the day. I think I need more balance.

I would like to have a better relationship with my mother, and go on a trip with my daughter. I would like to attract a partner who is more attuned to some of the beliefs I hold dear to my heart.

Doing my Forever Biography has given me the opportunity to pay tribute to my past, and also to let it go. By letting go, I feel free to grow, trust, be, love. All the things that you need to create the life you would like to have. I had known that doing my biography would touch my life in some way, but I never dreamed to what extent. Some of it is joyful, some painful, but just stay with it. Trust the process. Release. This is truly a new year for me.


  1. Sam,I was visiting your archive, enjoying your unique spin on the world, when I noticed you have no messages yet. I find the messages section on my site to be a great place to keep a diary. It’s fun and best of all – it’s free. Please call your local Forever Representative for more information.

    Bill obrock

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