Ruben Frazier Golding

1964 - 2004


  1. Frazier

    Well, I just found out. Frazier you are an amazing spirit and I will never forget your kindness and generous outlook on life. I am honored to have known you. My best wishes to your family and to Sterling.

    Max Harrold

  2. Dear Friends

    Dear Friends;
    I would like to acknowledge some people that have gone above and beyond my expectations in helping Frazier and myself during his last days of his life. Our close friends, that we consider family, were with Frazier during his last days and gave so much love and comfort to him. These loved ones include; Tom Doherty, Rick Bicanovsky, Arlen Boggs, Kim Elliot and Gregg and Mollie Suits. Words cannont express how much I appreciate all of you giving your time to be with Frazier when I could not be at the hospital. I want to thank Stephanie Axelrod for being such a good friend and speaking at the funeral was well as longtime friend Bob Puzauskie. Thank you Symbria and Lynn Patterson for your hard work on the pamphlets. There were some exceptional people that rose to my call for help that I will forever be indebted to; Michael John Horne, Dr. Gary Cohen, Jonathan Smilove, Ernie Zayat, Michael Conway Jimmy Manzano and Kevin Chase. Our immediate families came through and have demonstrated so much love and concern and I appreciate your acknowledgement of our relationship. Frazier’s sister Ginger Wilkins and my father Max Scott have both demonstrated an incredible amount of support for both Frazier and myself.
    I love you all,
    Sterling M. Scott

    Sterling M. Scott

  3. Biography

    Ruben Frazier Golding died November 13, 2004 after a brief illlness. He was Born in Asheville, NC. on April 2, 1964. He resided in Los Angeles after graduating from the school of design at North Carolina State University with a degree in Architecture in 1986. He was able to realize his lifelong dreams of becoming an architect and living and working in Los Angeles. Throughout his life, he effected everyone he met with his compassion, sincerity, and love for freinds and family. He is survived by his parents, Ruben and Shirley Golding, and his sister Ginger Wilkens, brother-in-law Charles, nephews Mathew, Samuel and niece Emily.
    His longtime partner and best friend Sterling Scott, was the most important part of his life. It was impossible for any of their large circle of friends to imagnine one without the other. Sterling was able to make the last weeks of Frazier’s life comfortable and did everything within his power to help Frazier recover. He was such a godsend to Frazier’s family as they could relax knowing that Sterling was taking care of him. Frazier kept calling Sterling his angel and he could not have stated it better.
    Frazier will be remembered by everyone whose lives he touched with his kindness and generosity. He acquired friends throughout his life that he took the time to keep in touch with and was always there to help them in any way.
    Frazier’s legacy to the world is two-fold: the many beautiful buildings he created in southern California will give so much pleasure to so many for years to come. Most important is the legacy of love and friendship he gave all that had the privilege to know him.
    Ginger Golding Wilkins (sister)

    Ginger Golding Wilkins

  4. your friendship

    what a shocking and sad day it is to hear of losing you. I will miss you and always remember your help and kindness especially while I was in school studying architecture and design. I’ll never forget you and look forward to the day when we meet again. love, ricky

    Ricky Bell

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