Robert Alexander Cory

1971 - 2000


  1. Robert Alexander Cory

    Rock’n it in the UK


  2. Forever missed

    I’ve downloaded what mixes I can find of yours. Awesome. Hope that your wife has moved on from you as she needed to do. God Bless.


  3. You're still there

    Hello DJ Rob One,I feel sad that you haven’t had any postings of late. Your tribute shows that you’re to be remembered. Must be hard, but someone who knows you might make a post now and again. The rest of the world is interested in you, your mixes, etc. want to know more about you.


  4. DJ Rob One

    DJ Rob One,It goes without saying that you’ll never be forgotten. Your mixes are timeless. Rock’n it in the U.K. with DJ Rob One

    Fan from United Kingdom

  5. Robert Alexander Cory

    Hey, guy. What are you doing here by yourself here. It’s rather late at night and I notice dthat nobody has posted a message for you here since about 2004, well 2000 if you want content. Who ARE you? I think you might be a hip hop dee jay maybe or a rapper or something like that but I don’t know who you are.
    If someone deos, I hope they willpost some sort of identification so I will know who you are.
    You’ll stand a better chance of not being forgotten that way…

    A Lover of Old Films

  6. I Love You

    sometimes I can’t believe that I’m looking at you on a computer screen, like this. I’m thinking right now about when the second endoscopy seemed to go well and you called home and asked me what’s for dinner? we were so happy, hopeful, one for our side. but they took you anyway.there was another plan.
    I miss lighting you up. perhaps i still do,
    you will be forever missed, forever loved
    by everyone


  7. love-life

    Here’s to the man that made me change the way I see life and made me realize that good people do exist. Missing and loving you.




    Your Wife

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